Get yourself motivated to succeed each day.

Instead of trying to reach our fullest potential someday, we can do our damnedest best every day. Live a good life. Dare to lead. Zag while others are zigging.

Often, the courage to leap forward is just one talk away.

Filipino Motivational Speaker

A Filipino motivational speaker can be effective, authentic, and original. He doesn’t have to be a Tony Robbins or John Maxwell in the Philippines. I will show you how to do just that.

Impact Speakers Workshop by Jef Menguin

Filipino Resource Speakers

Find Filipino resource speakers who can share insights and solutions. I will find opportunities to help them become more visible so they can help more people. We need to hear from experts whose ideas are worth spreading. Most Filipino experts do not go beyond their small circle of influence. They have not yet seen how …

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inspirational speaker

Find the Best Inspirational Speaker

When your starving crowd are accomplished individuals, get an inspirational speaker. They do not need another motivational speaker. They need someone who can pull them to think beyond themselves. They need someone who can inspire them to leave their pedestals and lift others. Medical doctors, engineers, architects, and corporate managers are motivated people. At least …

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people who show their love to you

Know your audience.

Be interested with your audience. I bet that nine of ten speakers you’ll met are more interested in their stories than your stories. Ask them questions and they’ll give you answers faster than bullet trains in Japan. Give them opportunities to speak and they’ll be more than happy to tell you about purpose, excellence, dreaming …

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Customize speeches.

Do you really need to customize your speeches? No. I will tell you why and I encourage you to reflect on the significance of this lesson to your leadership journey. Almost every speaker out there will tell you that they’ll customize and tailor-fit their speeches to the need of YOUR audience. That sounds good most …

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