Filipino Motivational Speaker

A Filipino motivational speaker can be effective, authentic, and original. He doesn’t have to be a Tony Robbins or John Maxwell in the Philippines. I will show you how to do just that.

Define the needs of your audience.

Do not craft a speech — or hold an event — if you do not know how it can change the lives of those people who are attending.

You do not have to serve the need of everyone, but there is always a starving crowd which you can feed. Feed your crowd, not your ego.


How to Deliver Commencement Speeches

You deliver commencement speeches to honor people.

As a graduation speaker, you have the responsibility to focus the spotlight on those who deserve honor. Because you are the commencement speaker, you have the opportunity to celebrate the uncelebrated and the unrecognized.

effective speaker engages people

One Secret of Effective Speakers

As you gain experience in public speaking, you will learn to put aside all conscious thought of rules or methods. You will learn through discipline how to abandon yourself to your intentions and to give spontaneous expression to all your powers.

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