Motivational speaking isn’t a comedy show.

I got hold of a one-sheet of a speaker who sells himself as a comedian motivational speaker.

His claim is that nobody sleeps in his talks and everyone likes him because he is funny.

I understand. Many speakers are agents of boredom. Boredom kills.

Funny sells.

But funny is not the alternative to boredom. Funny, sometimes, is the smokescreen to shallowness.

Speakers who strive to be funny fear boredom. Take out the “funny” feature in their speeches and you will see nothing.

People whose passion is to help others do not worry about boredom. They are inspired. They are enthusiastic. They have infectious dreams that will make a difference in the world of those who listened to them.

You do not have to be funny when you are having fun adding value to the lives of others.

The antidote to boredom is engagement.

If you are a motivational speaker, then your job is not only to get belly laughs. You must move people. Sell to them the Promised Land.

Give hope to those who are afraid. Enable them to act.

Jef “motivated” Menguin

P.S. I don’t sell myself as a motivational speaker, but if you are looking for someone who can help people get what motivate them, I will help you.

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