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Professional Speakers Guild of the Philippines

The Professional Speakers Guild of the Philippines will help aspiring speakers become professional speakers. It will support professional speakers to build successful speaking businesses. Let me tell you what it is and why we need it now.

Do you remember the thrill when you first stepped on stage, the adrenaline rush as you delivered your first well-received speech, and the sense of fulfillment that came with the applause?

Since then, perhaps you, like many others, have dreamed of turning this passion into a professional career.

Yet, as we navigate this journey, we encounter challenges that can make the path to professional speaking a difficult one. Some of us may have felt stalled in our learning, faced difficulty in building a robust network, or struggled to gain adequate exposure.

You may have experienced the frustration of limited speaking opportunities or the struggle to gain credibility in an increasingly competitive industry.

What are professional speakers?

Professional speakers are people who get paid to give talks or presentations to groups of people. They’re really good at speaking in public and have a lot of knowledge about a particular topic. You’ll often find them at conferences, meetings, or events where they share their expertise and inspire the audience.

These speakers don’t just give boring lectures. They know how to make their talks interesting and enjoyable. They might tell stories, make you laugh, or use pictures and activities to keep you engaged. Their main goal is to teach you something useful and motivate you to take action.

Professional speakers have usually been doing this for a long time and have become well-known in their field. They might have written books, appeared on TV, or had a strong online presence.

Some of them even offer coaching or advice based on their expertise.

Just remember that professional speakers are different from motivational speakers, although people sometimes use the terms interchangeably.

While all professional speakers try to motivate and inspire, not all motivational speakers have the same level of knowledge or expertise in a specific subject.

So, if you ever attend an event and see a professional speaker on the agenda, get ready for an exciting and uplifting talk that will leave you feeling positive and motivated!

professional speakers guild of the philippines

The Seven Challenges

In our journey towards professional speaking, we encounter several hurdles that can potentially slow our progress, cause frustration, and limit our growth. Let’s delve deeper into these seven challenges that many of us face.

1. Stagnant Learning

The professional speaking industry is like a river, always flowing and changing. If we don’t swim along, we risk being left behind.

But how do we ensure constant learning?

Let’s say, for instance, there’s a groundbreaking method that revolutionizes public speaking. A big word, I know. But I have seen enough changes and I can tell you that many of our speakers still deliver speeches like it is 1970.

If we’re out of the loop, we won’t know about it. And the result? Our speeches might seem outdated, and we could lose our audience’s interest.

Continuous learning is vital, but without a structured learning path, it can be challenging to stay updated.

2. Limited Network

A successful speaking career is not a solo journey. It’s like a community dance where we need to connect and engage with others.

But what happens when we’re dancing alone?

We might not know about a significant speaking event because we didn’t know the organizer. Or perhaps, we miss the chance to learn from a fellow speaker’s experience because we never met.

Without a strong network, we can feel isolated, missing opportunities that can propel our careers forward.

3. Lack of Mentorship

Imagine trying to climb a mountain without a guide. It’s possible, but it’s incredibly difficult.

Similarly, having a mentor in our professional speaking journey is crucial. They show us the ropes, help us avoid slips, and offer a hand when the climb gets steep.

But finding a mentor who’s willing to guide us through the landscape of professional speaking isn’t easy. The absence of mentorship can make our journey longer and more challenging than it needs to be.

4. Insufficient Exposure

As speakers, we have powerful messages that can inspire and motivate.

But what if our messages only reach the local community park when they have the potential to resonate with a global audience? For instance, we may have a compelling speech on climate change, but without a global platform, our speech may not reach those who need to hear it most.

Limited exposure confines our impact and limits our career growth.

5. Inadequate Recognition

Imagine being an excellent artist, but no gallery is ready to display your art. Frustrating, isn’t it? This is often the case with unrecognized professional speakers.

Without proper recognition, like certifications or awards, our credibility may be questioned. We might have delivered hundreds of inspiring speeches, but in the eyes of potential clients or event organizers, we’re just another speaker without proven credentials.

6. Resource Deficiency

In the world of professional speaking, staying ahead requires us to be resourceful. Think of it like being a chef who needs various ingredients to prepare a delicious meal.

If we don’t have access to the right resources—like the latest research, industry tools, or inspiring content—our speeches can become bland and uninteresting.

The challenge lies in finding these resources when you’re not part of a resource-rich community.

7. Sparse Opportunities

Practicing our craft is vital for growth. It’s like a singer rehearsing before a big concert. But what if there’s no concert? For us speakers, a lack of regular speaking opportunities can stall our growth.

We might have a powerful speech ready, but without the right platform or audience, our message and skills remain unheard and untested.

By acknowledging these challenges, we can take the first step in addressing them. The proposed solution, forming a collective community like the Professional Speakers

Aims of Professional Speakers Guild

The Professional Speakers Guild aims to transform the landscape of professional speaking in the Philippines.

By coming together as a collective community, we can turn our challenges into opportunities, and set ourselves on the path to success.

Let’s delve deeper into these ten transformative benefits of joining the Guild.

1. Skills Enhancement

In the dynamic world of professional speaking, staying ahead requires continuous learning. But what if there’s a new speaking technique and you’re not aware of it? Or a new technology that could elevate your presentation, but you don’t know how to use it?

The Guild addresses this challenge by offering regular workshops, seminars, and training programs that keep members updated with industry trends. I am thinking of establishing the Public Speaking Academy. This is where you can learn and share your expertise.

Imagine having a calendar filled with learning opportunities, curated to enhance your speaking skills, and all tailored for you.

2. Networking Opportunities

Building a strong network is like constructing a bridge that connects you to new opportunities. But when you’re on your own, the construction can be slow and challenging.

The Guild provides a platform to connect with industry professionals and fellow speakers, opening doors to collaborations.

Picture monthly meetups, networking events, and even a digital platform where you can connect, learn, and grow together.

3. Mentorship

Having a mentor is like having a seasoned guide on your professional speaking journey. The Guild’s mentorship program connects members with established Filipino speakers who can share their insights and guidance.

Imagine having a mentor who can offer feedback on your speech, guide you in building a speaking business, or even help you find your unique voice.

4. Global Exposure

Imagine having a message that could inspire people across the globe. However, without a platform, your voice remains unheard.

The Guild provides opportunities for members to showcase their skills on international platforms through partnerships with global organizations.

Imagine delivering your speech at a global conference or a TEDx event, inspiring audiences worldwide.

5. Recognition

Recognition in the speaking industry is like a badge of credibility that can open new doors. However, as a solo speaker, achieving this recognition can be challenging.

The Guild offers a certification program and annual awards to enhance members’ credibility. Imagine receiving a certified professional speaker title, and the opportunities that come along with it.

6. Resource Access

Having access to a rich pool of resources is like having a treasure chest that can make your speeches more compelling. The Guild provides members with unlimited access to these industry-specific resources.

Imagine having a library of research, a database of tools, and a wealth of inspiring content at your fingertips, ready to be used in your next speech.

7. Speaking Opportunities

Regular speaking engagements are like a rehearsal stage for honing your skills. However, finding these opportunities can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

The Guild addresses this by having a speakers bureau to actively market and negotiate speaking engagements for members. Imagine having a team that ensures you have regular speaking opportunities to hone your craft.

8. Continuous Professional Development

Growing as a professional speaker isn’t just about enhancing your speaking skills; it’s also about developing your personal brand and learning to manage your business effectively.

The Guild offers opportunities for leadership training, business management, and personal branding. Imagine having training sessions that help you build your brand, manage your finances, and develop leadership skills.

9. Advocacy and Influence

Being a part of the Guild gives you a chance to contribute to the discourse on significant issues and shape industry standards.

Imagine using your voice not just to inspire your audience, but also to influence policies and standards in the speaking industry.

10. Exclusive Member Perks

Who doesn’t love added bonuses? Membership in the Guild also comes with perks like discounts on industry conferences, access to exclusive content, priority booking for speaking engagements, and more.

Picture enjoying early access or special discounts on industry events, exclusive resources only available to members, or being the first on the list for high-profile speaking opportunities.

These perks not only add to your professional journey but also enrich your overall experience as a member of the Guild.

Joining the Professional Speakers Guild means embarking on a journey of continuous learning, growth, recognition, and camaraderie with fellow speakers. It’s an opportunity to transform your speaking career, influence the industry, and ultimately, inspire audiences with your powerful messages.

What We Can Do Together

If you share this vision, I invite you to join me. Let’s come together to shape the future of professional speaking in the Philippines.

Your insights, experiences, and commitment will be invaluable in making this initiative a success.

Please reach out to me if you’re interested in this collaboration, and together, we can make a meaningful difference in the professional speaking industry.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Jef Menguin

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