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Ways to Find Speaking Opportunities

Invite yourself to guest speak. I mean it.

If you have something to say and the world does not seem to notice you, tell them that you have something to say.

Search for organizations that are likely to get speakers. Look for two people: the president and the person responsible for organizing events. Pitch your message and tell them that you are available for speaking.

Of course, you cannot shamelessly promote yourself for nothing. This is why you must have a message worth telling now.

If there is an urgency to your message, you will be forced to tell the world about it.

If people will continue to suffer because they have not heard your message, then I say that it is urgent.

If people will miss the opportunity to live a much better life because you have not shared your message, then your message is urgent.

In other words, if you cannot accept the status quo and you have the opportunity to change it, then that message must be urgent.

What is an urgent message to me now?

I have urgent dreams. I like to inspire and equip school teachers. I do not want to see brainless and heartless teaching to spread and continue.

I know that there are thousands of teachers who are competent and passionate, but I am worried by those who are neither competent nor passionate who are now teaching.

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