Find Filipino resource speakers who can share insights and solutions. I will find opportunities to help them become more visible so they can help more people. We need to hear from experts whose ideas are worth spreading. Most Filipino experts do not go beyond their small circle of influence. They have not yet seen how speaking can enlarge their influence and impact.

In 2012, I had many opportunities to travel around the country. I was fortunate to have worked with many resource speakers whose expertise goes beyond what we usually get from motivational speakers. Some of them have years of experience as consultants. They helped organizations grow. But they did not have the visibility that I had.

It was because of the online presence that I was able to speak all over the Philippines and abroad. Because people found me online, I was visible to them. Admittedly, I limited my visibility too.

I am an introvert. I prefer to write and solve problems in silence. But I know that I also need to speak. I know that lots of Filipinos need to speak with confidence and power to uplift others.

So, this is my small project. In the next 60 days, I will connect with resource speakers, professional speakers, and consultants to find out the “secret sauce” to success. I know that the easiest way to do it is to share what I know. But I have been doing that for many years here in this blog.

This time, I want to create opportunities so other resource speakers will become known.

And I will go beyond that.

I will find out if there are more professionals who are interested to share their experience as resource speakers. I am sure that like me, there are those who don’t know where and how to start. I will “get out of the building” and ask them.

And in the next 30 days, I will create a minimum viable product to help them succeed.

My hunch is that most of them want to improve their stage presence. Sure, most of us are speaking online these days. But the pandemic, like all other tough times, will pass. When the time comes for the opportunity to be in front of a crowd, the world will find many capable resource speakers.

I am going to share also the secrets that will help them become more visible. That means I will teach them a few marketing strategies. They will be able to establish themselves as experts in the industry.

If you know someone who would be interested to be part of this project, either as a mentor or student, contact me. I will be happy to work with people who are passionate about helping others succeed.

I will update this page weekly. I will share with you what I am learning each time.

September 26, 2021

A resource speaker is an expert or experienced professional who shares insights, ideas, findings, or knowledge about a specific field. For example, someone who has designed successful leadership programs can become a resource speaker on developing leaders. In the Philippines, organizations often invite resource speakers to provide the information or “trade secrets” they can use to understand their challenges or design viable solutions.

Anyone who has ideas worth sharing can be a resource speaker. In education, for example, those principals who led school turnaround can provide the “secrets” to transforming schools. Business people who 10xed can talk about starting and scaling a business. Athletes who won gold medals in Olympics can talk about discipline, competition, or tough mindset. The first criterion is always expertise. The speaking ability comes second.

The obvious answer is to be visible online. Go where the market congregate. Share valuable ideas with the world and be a recognized expert. People may admire you for your academic accomplishments, but it is your impact on their lives that will make them follow you.

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