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Welcome to! I am happy about your visit. God willing, we can help each other and collaborate on worthwhile projects.

In 2007, I started a blog on I learned that by writing my experiences and sharing my ideas and tools, many Filipinos found the courage to lead, speak up in front of people, and build teams.

On January 10, 2009, I started

I believe that everyone can make a positive difference in the world.

Some of us can start alone and blaze a trail. But most of us need a community that encourages and supports us. Sometimes, we need mentors who can guide and push us to the edge.

My mission is to challenge the status quo, bring out the best in people, and help leaders get started, build momentum, and make breakthroughs.

I learn from people. I interview and talk to all kinds of folks.

I learn from those who joined my workshops and my readers who took the time to send emails to give feedback, ask questions, and express their gratitude.

Since I live in the Philippines, 80 percent of my readers are Filipinos. My advice resonates most with them, but I also write for everyone on earth.

If this is your first time here, I know all information can be overwhelming, so I wrote this page. For example, more than 500 posts and dozens of training programs and resources are here.

So you can make the most of your experience. I wrote short notes to guide you. These are not steps, and you can pick your adventure.

1. Be the first one to know.

Be the first to know.

You will know more about what I do by subscribing to my updates. I send it once a week, sometimes twice.

You will be the first to know when there are new articles, guides, training videos, webinars, or workshops.

When you are busy, you can keep the updates in your inbox to read later.

You can also get one of my tools, Monday Morning Motivation. It is one way I remind myself of the power Monday can do on our weekdays.

2. Know how I can help you.

I work with leaders on a mission to grow themselves and others. I share the tools that I use and the creative solutions that I find. 

You will know this because of the products that I create for them. Know these leaders who read and participated in my seminars and workshops. 

And meet some of the clients who trusted me in building their leaders.

Many of my clients know more than I do. So I share what they have yet to learn. And I learn from them too.

One day, I will write more about my clients, so you will get what I also learned from them.

3. Meet Jef Menguin.

You will learn who I am and my story on the about page. My thoughts are spread out to more than 500 articles and blog posts. Since I started in 2009, I must have written 4000 blog posts, but 80 percent still need to be added to the site. 

Like my plants, I regularly prune my website to help it grow. Today, more than a hundred thousand people visit the website every month. A hundred thousand is not as big as the popular “influencers” audience out there.  

I don’t write to please everyone. My about page is constantly evolving, but the essence of what I want the world to know about themselves and me is there.

You can meet me in my articles, videos, and workshops too.

4. Read actionable ideas.

I talk about business, leadership, public speaking, teamwork, motivation, and whatever can help my readers. 

I picked and compiled the best articles and arranged them by topics.

You can also find my blog posts at Zero to Hero. Some blog posts are more than a thousand words. 

But I started writing shorter posts again. I call them snippets. These short posts usually don’t get ranked in Google. But I wrote them for myself and my readers, not for the search engine.

Seth Godin’s short posts inspired me to do the same. Besides, I have been telling members of my community to “start before you are ready.” Snippets are like that.

Here are quick links for you.

My best ideas often find their way into Learning Stories I share with my community. These are serialized emails dedicated to specific topics.

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