I Work With Leaders

If you are a leader, you want to use your unique ability because your life matters. You believe you have a story to tell, and that story won’t be told by anyone else but you. 

You are not afraid to think differently. You embrace it. And whatever you have now, you intend to multiply it a thousandfold.

I have been working with people from all walks of life. This website and all the products and services I created help my readers and clients in…

  • designing career opportunities
  • getting their sh*t done 
  • getting started with design thinking
  • speaking and presenting with impact
  • leading and building teams 
  • delivering learning experiences with 10x results
  • creating delightful customer experiences
  • developing leaders who think and play bigger

If you want to make your mark, set yourself to a high standard, and want that for everyone in your organization, we can work together. 

The tried-and-tested solutions of the past are now obsolete, and we need to think big to create new ones.

There are a few things that I want you to know.

I want you to succeed.

We define success in many different ways.

When I was a child, success was earning 100 pesos a day. In college, it was to encourage the youth to serve the people.

When I was teaching, it was to bring out the best in my students, get a doctorate, and become a university professor.

When I started speaking, it was to become the Jef Menguin of Asia, then build a unicorn business.

Today, I want my family’s security, safety, and well-being. I have start-ups that can support a good life while serving others.

And because of jefmenguin.com, I became visible to many looking for a leadership trainer, team-building facilitator, and motivational speaker.

I cannot serve them all. My lifestyle requires me to get at three clients in a month. I get three inquiries in a day. 

Yes, I am looking for ways to serve more people. I will indeed find creative solutions.

I pick my clients so I can be of the best service to them. Learn more about my ideal clients.

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