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On Becoming A Leader

There are many excuses why people can’t lead. And there are more ways on how to become a leader.

“I cannot lead because I am too young”.

You can start learning how to become a leader as early as first grade.

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How old are you now? When do you think is the right time to lead?

Say goodbye to I-am-too-young-to-lead excuse for this will not do you any good. It will delay your growth. It will derail your success.

I don’t need to know how to lead because I am already old.

That you are already old can be true. But it has nothing much to do with learning how to become a leader.

Think about this: Duterte was already 71 years old when 39 million Filipinos elected him to the presidency. Not only that, he chose some of his teachers as cabinet secretaries. Look at Leonor Briones, She didn’t consider herself too old when she accepted the post. I don’t know your opinion of her performance but around the world there are older people who taking new leadership roles everyday.

Old people can lead. And they can still learn new things.

As long as you live, you have the opportunity to lead.

I can’t lead because I do not have a title.

Titles aren’t required for you to lead. Seriously, if you do not have a title, let me create some for you. Choose any or choose all: Supreme Commander of Good Service, Director for Positive Change, Chief Inspiration Officer, Chairman of the Board, or President.

Titles can help people understand what you do. But you do not need a grand title to be a better leader and to make a difference.

Based on my experiences, sometimes a title may hinder you from leading. There is much challenge and adventure when you are leading from the bottom. Most of those at the top of the leadership totem pole spend their hours attending ceremonies and busy themselves signing documents instead of actually leading people.

I am not ready to lead.

That’s good. At least you are very aware of your level of readiness. Don’t worry, you can get help. Just remember, you don’t have to wait until you are ready to make a difference.

Listen to this and think clearly: you don’t have to be an author for you to be ready to write; you must start writing now for you to become an author. it goes without saying that you have to start leading now so you can become a better leader.

Below, I will share with you many opportunities to learning how to lead and create for yourself better ways to get yourself ready for leadership.

I want to become a better leader, but I do not know how.

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You Can Start Here

I want you to read until the end of this post so you can gain more.

First, I have written more than a hundred ideas on how you can improve your leadership. I encourage you to consider the collections I have for

Second, the posts published in 4 Percent will also give you actionable ideas. I suggest that you make reading a daily habit- or at least get my weekly newsletter which I will send to your inbox every Monday morning. I only need your permission.

I have just renewed my passion to blog everyday. And you can expect to get more in 2018.

Make it a habit to visit jefmenguin.com every day. You will learn novel ideas, innovative tools, and practical ways you to become a better leader.

More importantly, you will experience incremental and exponential growth in your life. Here are the reasons why.

  • If you don’t know what LEADERSHIP PROJECT you can focus on, I will show you how to research for BIG IDEAS. I will share with you practical questions you can use to get started. You will learn about the HEDGEHOG CONCEPT. You will find this very powerful when you are planning your leadership journey.
  • If you do not have people who can help you, I will show you how to BUILD YOUR DREAM TEAM. Don’t do it alone. You need to tap the talents and skills of others to make things happen. You will learn how to enlist the help of others. You’ll learn how to speak with confidence, use stories, and deliver great presentations.
  • If you feel that you aren’t ready — or that you are afraid to make mistakes, I will teach you how to ENLIST THE HELP OF MENTORS AND COACHES. I will show you precisely how to establish your relationship with them. You can find them in your place of work.
  • If you are looking for leadership programs to accelerate leadership growth, invite yourself to my bootcamps, masterclasses, and F.I.R.E. learning experiences for professionals. You only need to sign up for membership to get seminar updates here. You must also watch out for webinars. You will learn much from the learning sessions I designed for leaders like you.


  • The Benefits of Mapping Your Leadership Journey
  • How to Set Your Leadership Goals
  • How to Turn Resolutions into Daily Execution
  • My Secret Formula to Public Speaking
  • The Amazing Power of Tiny Habits to Create Giant Results
  • How to Start Early & How to Sustain It
  • How to Persist in Tough Times
  • How to Develop Skills on the Job
  • How to Unleash Your Creativity and Innovation
  • How to Encourage People
  • Where to Find the Smart People Who Can Help You
  • How Leaders Manage Their Time
  • How to Handle Stress
  • The Principles of Positive Leadership
  • How to Deal with Difficult People
  • How to Create a Mentorship Agreement
  • How to Influence People at Work
  • Bold Steps to Self-Leadership
  • How to Create Your Board of Advisors
  • How to Lead Engaging Meetings
  • Why Leaders Must Practice Lateral Thinking
  • Why Start Small & Think Big
  • How to Create One Page Project Plan
  • Six Ways to Excel in What You Do
  • How to Deliver World-Changing Presentations
  • How to Make More Money for Half the Time
  • How to Start a Big Project When You Don’t Even Have a Job
  • How to Make More Creative Ideas
  • and many more.

Third, you have opportunities to learn from the experiences and expertise of others.

Have you heard that I design learning experiences for managers, supervisors, and other workplace professionals?

I design leadership learning experiences for managers. These programs include Customer Experience Management, Employee Engagement, and Solving Problems Using Design Thinking.

I have also created personalized leadership programs based on Leadership Challenge, Six Thinking Hats, Influencer, and 4 Disciplines of Execution.

it is very important that when you re-design these programs with me, you and I begin with the business objectives of your organizations and define early on your measure of success. This is very important because one of the reasons why canned programs fail is the inability of the training provider to listen to you, consider your business needs, and then find out if their offerings meet 100% of your needs or have any significant value to you.

I design learning experiences for supervisors. These programs include Essential Skills for New Supervisors, Emotional Intelligence for Supervisors, Coaching Skills for Supervisors, and Persuasive Presentations for Supervisors.

When working with Philippine-based organizations, I highly recommend that supervisors also be trained on the following critical skills:

  • Business Acumen
  • Goal Alignment and Goal Setting
  • Goal Execution
  • Coaching and Feedback
  • Navigating Across Cultures
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Customer Journey Mapping

I highly suggest that before you run another supervisor training, you align training (and other interventions) to your competency model.

Again, one big problem in most supervisor training is the failure of many training professionals to ensure that programs are competency-based.

A supervisor training program (even though design to target the development of leadership competencies) which is not aligned to your competency model cannot be considered as competency-based. Of course, you know that already.

I also design soft skills programs for your front-liners and staff. I can deliver three-day, two-day, and one-day learning experiences on professionalism, time management, stress management, productivity, and customer service.

You can bring F.I.R.E learning experiences to your organization. I have designed these sessions for professionals who can leave their stations only for two to three hours. These are Fast, Inexpensive, Relevant, and Engaging learning experiences for workplace professionals.

Today’s post on becoming a better leader is longer than usual. Please, say goodbye to excuses. You can be a better leader.

And I can help you.

There are two ways you can bring my services to your organization.

The first way is by signing up for updates. The bootcamps, masterclasses, and seminars I hold are by-invitation only. Subscribers get discounts to these events

I also offer a scholarship to some of the programs. Subscribers get these benefits. Sometimes, I include invitations when I send my letters to executives nationwide. If you have not received any of my letter, I suggest you subscribe now.

The second way is by inviting me to design and deliver your next leadership learning experiences. This is the way to go most specially if you intend to help your managers, supervisors, and staff to become effective workplace professionals.

You can request for a meeting. A Skype meeting with a decision-maker is the most efficient way. Send an email invitation to leadership@jefmenguin.com and tell me whatever I need to learn from you.

Jef Menguin

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