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Do managers really need to hire motivational speakers?

Keep this in mind the next time you look for motivational speakers: leaders like you have the responsibility to keep your people motivated — and your opportunity to influence employees is bigger than a hundred professional motivational speakers.

You don’t need a motivational speaker to cure your inability to get your people motivated. You are overestimating the power of motivational speakers and grossly underestimating yours.

Do it right.

Instead of inviting motivational speakers to motivate your employees, invite speakers (experts) who can help you design daily experiences that engage employees.

Motivation is one-half of engagement. Give more attention to engagement and you can keep your people motivated.

Invite speakers who can teach leaders about motivation, behavior, and human psychology.

I dare say that leaders must learn how to re-engineer human psychology to help people improve productivity and performance.

Invite speakers who can teach you how to persuade with power and increase your influence.

Invite speakers who can help you understand how to create daily experiences that will engage employees.

Invite speakers who can teach you how to understand the motivation of people — and how to use tools and techniques so you can help all of them get what they want.

Never settle for less.

No, I don’t think that inviting a motivational speaker is utterly useless. Your efforts to get experts who can help your people get things done are much appreciated. But when it comes to motivating your people, you cannot sit on the sidelines and wish that a motivational speaker could turn water into wine.

Motivational speakers can amplify your message.

But if you suck in motivating your people, your motivational speaker might do more harm than good.

There are better ways. Get experts who can help you understand human motivation, who can teach you tools and techniques to keep people motivated, and who can show you how to increase your influence and your ability to engage people.

Never settle for less.

Do managers really need a motivational speaker?

Some managers who search for “motivational speaker in the Philippines” are looking for speakers who could help them solve challenges which were anything but employee motivation.

I do not blame them.

A great number of people think that all speakers are motivational speakers. And many speakers in the Philippines brand themselves as motivational speakers.

This is why I use a page for those people who are looking for a motivational speaker in the Philippines.

I also remember that there was a time when I was the only professional speaker who used the title “leadership speaker”.

Unfortunately, it seemed that no one was looking for a “leadership speaker”. They were searching for “motivational speakers” who could speak about leadership, customer service, teamwork, change, and others.

Though many managers frequently mentioned “lack of motivation” as a challenge, I quickly learned that the biggest problems of Filipino organizations are leadership and engagement.

I don’t want you to settle for less.

This is why I want you to learn what you ought to know about motivation, engagement, influence, and leadership. I want you to create experiences that will help your people embrace change.

Play bigger.

Jef Menguin

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