Engaged, Creative, and Think-Big Leaders Make Things Happen

Businesses rise and fall on leadership. Enabling and empowering leaders is important to keep the organization ahead of what's possible. Persuasive speeches and short talks on motivation, creativity, and thinking big can be catalysts for change.

Jef Menguin is a leadership speaker who delivers talks that breathe.

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Jef Menguin

I am a business coach, leadership strategist, course creator, and international speaker. I am the founder of Business Innovation Talent Development, a Philippine company that offers leadership training and business consulting.

I believe that it is okay to zag when everyone is zigging. On ordinary days, I write articles, books, and courses -- and work on my small gardens of vegetables, herbs, and ornamentals.

I live in Los Baños, Laguna.


I offer you my best articles. They provide you a quick start in leadership, public speaking, motivation, team building, and others.

Persuasive Speech

How to Craft Speech That Move People

Delivering and crafting persuasive speeches can be easy and simple if you use some frameworks or formulas. Leaders can use persuasive speeches to help people buy ideas and solutions they need.

Team Building

How to Build Winning Teams

Team building is more than just playing games or participating in fun activities. The purpose of team building is to equip and enable teams to succeed. Introduce ways to upgrade team skills and mindsets.

Supervision Success

15 Ways to Become a Better Supervisor

Supervisors are your frontline leaders. The ability of supervisors to manage activities and lead people influence the speed of the organization. Here are some insights and advice for new supervisors.

Motivational Speakers

How to Start Your Speaking Career

If you aspire to become a successful motivational speaker, I have great news for you. You can succeed. Embrace principles and strategies that create meaningful opportunities and profitable ventures.

Leadership Speaker on Thinking Big, Motivation & Creativity

Leaders Who Think Big

Think big and play bigger when developing leaders. Old ways of thinking about leadership have passed. Leaders are not like an empty glass you need to fill. No. The leaders we need today and the leaders we want tomorrow are creators. 

Future leaders don’t expect themselves only to improve this or that. They know that to create meaning and significance in the world, they must be leaders who think and play bigger.

Enable leaders to create and offer new products, services, and experiences that people have not imagined before.

Leaders who play bigger create new categories and make the rules.  Leaders who brought us Uber, Facebook, Google, Airbnb, Amazon, and WordPress think big and play bigger.

You, too, can play bigger. Playing same-same, safe, and small will not serve the world. We are not asking for perfect leaders. Those who read daily news know because our national leaders don’t inspire excellence. 

Leaders who think differently create new solutions for humans. They are constantly reinventing themselves.

Leaders Who Thrive in Crisis

The pandemic revealed the limits of traditional leaders. They failed miserably. Leadership in tough times requires a growth mindset. Leaders who succeed are creative, compassionate, adaptive, innovative, and inspiring.

They develop new sets of skills to manage the present crisis while designing organizations for the new normal. They uplift others and enable them to act.

Leadership Speaker

A Mentor on Stage

Your leadership speaker is your mentor on stage.

He is given an hour or two to deliver actionable ideas and strategies that you can use so you can solve your leadership challenges.

You don’t pay a leadership speaker for every hour that he is on the stage. I mean you don’t pay him 100,000 pesos for an hour of speaking, then pay him for 200,000 pesos for a couple of hours of speaking.

A mentor is here to help you succeed. The measure of his success is your ability to succeed in the shortest possible time. Pay him for the value he provides, not for the number of hours he or she speaks on stage.

Leadership speakers are professionals. We know that leaders who listen to us do not have all the time in the world.

We don’t want to waste their time with 30 minutes of jokes, 30 minutes of content, and another 30 minutes of book signing. That’s insane, but this is happening in many parts of the world.

This is why the best of leadership speakers look for the best stories, the best examples, the best illustrations, the best method or formula so leaders can digest our message and learn our tools in the shortest time possible.

Hire a leadership speaker who focuses on driving results.

Speaker Fees

The answer is it depends. It depends on what the organization wants, who will the audience be, where, and when.

As a leadership speaker, I charge for results. Setting fees based on every hour of talk is nonsense. Every time you add an hour to your talk, your impact decrease. So, why charge more for less impact?

It takes me three weeks to come up with an hour of game-changing talk and only 40 minutes for a two-hour talk. Any speaker who will charge you double for extending a one-hour talk to two hours is a scammer.

One organization paid me 10 thousand pesos for a 90-minute talk before an audience of 500. Another organization paid me 240 thousand pesos for a 45-minute inspirational speech delivered before 200 managers. And some think they can invite “motivational” speakers for free.

Let us focus first on the results you want, then any talk about fees will be short.

leadership speaker
A leadership speaker is a mentor on stage.


A leadership speaker is a speaker who shares insights, strategies, and techniques for successful leadership. Jef Menguin is a leadership speaker who delivers short talks and persuasive speeches on thinking big, motivation, creativity, and teamwork.

A leadership speaker provides customer-centric solutions tailor-fit to the needs of leaders. He uses compelling stories to communicate his message and drive people to action.

A resource speaker is an expert or experienced professional who shares insights, ideas, findings, or knowledge about a specific field. For example, someone who has designed successful leadership programs can become a resource speaker on developing leaders. Someone who has experience in talent development can be a resource speaker on career, teamwork, and motivation. In the Philippines, organizations often invite resource speakers to provide the information or “trade secrets” they can use to understand their challenges or to design viable solutions.

Filipino speakers can easily relate to Filipino audiences. But you have to be discerning. There are more important factors. For one, find speakers who understand how leaders in your organization work. Getting Filipino speakers who just regurgitate the messages of speakers like Tony Robbins or John Maxwell won’t help. If you want the messages of these speakers, buy their books instead.

I deliver leadership speeches between 40 to 90 minutes. Leadership speeches are always scalable.

Many motivational speakers sell the idea that they can change the attitude of employees toward work. I am not sure about that. There are many factors in improving work performance. Motivation is one of many things.

You may need to go beyond motivation. Consider culture shaping. Encourage personal excellence, malasakit, and a sense of urgency. It is difficult to measure a change in attitude. What I can do is to help you influence the behavior of your people. Please visit the page on motivational speaking to learn more.

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