Leadership in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Be a better leader, equip leaders, and make your teams thrive amidst the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Life is no longer business as usual. We cannot bounce back. Either we go down or leap forward. I’ve been to the bottom so often and we don’t want to go there. I know ways that can help us all bounce forward and thrive.

For many, the Covid-19 pandemic is akin to hitting a brick wall. It is not. We only need to attack our challenges in a different direction. Think differently, build leaders, and help teams to thrive.

My name is Jef Menguin. As a result of what I do as a leadership speaker in the Philippines, companies inspired, equipped, and empowered leaders who delivered positive results every day


Do One Thing

Pay attention to your intention. Ensure that you invest more time thinking and acting on one thing that can bring you the biggest result.

Is it your intention to be the king in your industry? You cannot do that by hiring the most number of people and offering your clients more features and benefits.

No. Your clients are looking for something that your competitors do not serve. If your intention is to be the only choice, you’ve got to pay attention to the client’s need.

Whatever you do and whoever you are, you ought to pay attention to one thing.

Yes, one thing.

Not a hundred things. Not fifty things. Not twenty things. Not ten things.

One thing only.

Leaders who play bigger do not sabotage themselves by trying to succeed in many things. They don’t measure their personal worth by how many hours they worked in a day, or how many people they met, or how many tasks they completed.

You can discover how to play your one thing in a speech that I can deliver in 60 to 90 minutes.

10x Your Teams

Many managers have the mistaken belief that team building means an offsite once a year playing game packages. It is not all their fault. Many team-building providers sold the idea that play works.

Wrong. You have been short-changed.

Having fun is great. Playing like kids once again brings happy memories. Playing makes us learn more about people at work.

But purchasing team building packages only makes you do same-same. It is an easy thing to do for lazy managers. There is no mindset of growth. There is no behavior change. There is no goal. They are like headless chickens told to move as fast as they can until they find their heads and breathe again.

The fault is not in the games. In the hands of professionals who care for your growth, games can be fun, intensive, result-oriented, and engaging.

In truth, whatever you do with your teams must be done to help them GROW. For without growth, you are not building. Without growth, you are disintegrating. Without growth, you are dying.

Grow your teams. Make your team play bigger without the bruises.

This job belongs to you, the leader of the team. You don’t allow any team building provider to offer a mindless and aimless activity for them. Why? Because whatever your team members experience must advance your team and business goals. Team building doesn’t have to be painful.

You can grow your team You can encourage, enable, and engage champions each day.

You can put into action play bigger principles that really work. This means that you will build a strong and trusting relationship with customers. That you will inspire and show your sales team how to bring in the money they have not imagined before. This means that you make your people champions in what they do.

I will show your managers and the whole team how to grow using Play Bigger principles and practices. I may speak to a group of at least 200 people for 60 to 90 minutes. My professional fee starts at 80,000 pesos.

When you are interested to know how to grow your teams and make them play bigger, contact me at once.

Grow Your Influence

Many leaders fail to engage people. When things go wrong, they blame people’s attitudes.

In truth, engagement goes beyond recognition and rewards. It goes beyond motivating employees. It goes beyond using gamification tools. It goes beyond training.

And it is simpler than what most people think. Your understanding of behavioral psychology, learning experiences, and appreciative leadership will be of big help.

There are three spheres of experience you can influence to electrify employee engagement. From these three spheres of influence, leaders can design six powerful engagement strategies.

You can increase personal, team, and organizational abilities. You can cultivate personal, team, and organization attitude so you get the results you want.

Engagement is a superpower that can make every leader make change happen.

Play Bigger Now

Do you play bigger?

Leaders who play bigger create their own category and make the rules. They create products and experiences so distinct they build a tribe of true fans they super-serve.

Those who play bigger do not compete in improvement games. Their mission is not to offer 1 percent better or cheaper of the products and services their “competitors” offer. They create new solutions never imagined. They set themselves ahead of what is possible. They create new paths for others to follow.

Employees who play bigger do not play same-same. They think different. When others zig, they zag. Why? because they deliver solutions nobody has offered before.

To play bigger, you need to ask new questions.

Challenge old ways of thinking. Provide your team step-by-step guide so they play bigger.

A leadership speaker is a leader on stage. He equips, encourages, and inspire leaders using evidence-based solutions and compelling stories.
A leadership speaker is a leader on stage. He equips, encourages, and inspire leaders using evidence-based solutions and compelling stories.


I desire to provide you the help you want. Ask your questions, and you’ll get an answer. It may take 72 hours, but trust me, that I will answer you as soon as I get opportunities. I spend an hour a day checking my inbox and answering inquiries.

You can also find my answers to some questions here.

A leadership speaker helps organizations inspire, encourage, and equip leaders. The difference between a leadership speaker and a motivational speaker is the expected outcome.

You feel good after a speech of a motivational speaker. You feel confident that you’ll get things done with a leadership speaker. That’s because you’ll get tools and strategies (including motivating people) to get things done.

Jef Menguin has trained thousands of leaders in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan. He is known for helping leaders clarify their purposes, increase their influence, and enable teams to thrive.

Though I do not consider myself a motivational speaker (like the many motivational speakers in the Philippines), I will be happy to move you to act on your dreams. As a leadership mentor, I studied many strategies and techniques for motivating people. 

The best persons to motivate employees are their leaders. So, I teach leaders different ways of motivating and driving people to achieve their goals. 

You see, every employee has unique motivations. There is no single way of motivating people. Motivation is situational, and leaders must increase their repertoire of motivational skills and techniques.

The Covid-19 pandemic showed us the power of virtual platforms. It is somewhat new in the Philippines. But in many parts of the world, leadership speakers have been inspiring and equipping people using the virtual platform.

Yes, I do deliver keynote and transformational talks using the virtual platforms. I give speeches from 30 to 45 minutes.


If you are looking for a speaker to help you build leaders, please use the form below. I accept one client each week. Let’s talk and find out if we are fit for each other.