Develop supervisors. That’s what I want to do for the rest of 2022. I create one lesson and write one article each week to help supervisors build leadership and management skills.

I first thought about this in a meeting with Vic Santiago in 2006. That was a long time ago.

During that time, I was coaching leaders to become confident and effective public speakers. I shared what I knew, but I competed with the public speaking schools that teach the “basics.”

I was looking for a bigger crowd. And the larger group in the corporate world were supervisors. So I started conducting workshops for some companies.

This year I will be conducting more training programs for supervisors. I will start with core skills that will help increase their impact on their organizations.

I will start by helping develop skills in delegation, coaching, mentoring, problem-solving, conflict resolution, team building, decision making, and onboarding. Then, I will be launching each program as a spotlight course.

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The aim of leadership training is to provide leaders with a good foundation and to help them develop leadership skills and vital behaviors that bring better results.

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