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Filipino Professional Speakers (Project)

The Filipino Professional Speakers is a long-time project. In 2011, I contacted speakers associations to understand how to build a professional speakers association in the Philippines. I got good guidance. I reached out to other professional speakers to share with them the vision.

Unfortunately, when I applied at the SEC, the name Professional Speakers Association of the Philippines was not approved. There was another group, English Speakers Association, and SEC wanted us to contact their officers to get their permission to use our name.

I could not understand the need to get their permission. The two organizations are two groups distinct from each other. We tried to contact the incorporators of the group, but it was inactive during that time. I wasn’t able to reach out to them.

It was also this time that I was busy with projects in Mindanao. It was not a priority. I had to archive the project.

Today, there are already three associations for speakers and trainers. They have common members. I hope all of them become successful.

I have no intentions of building the association anymore. There is no need to compete with these associations.

But the desire to help enable professional speakers remains the same. I never had that help. Those of us who lack the money to get certified by John Maxwell, Les Brown, or the National Speakers Association (in the US) must help each other.

I have no idea when to start this project. Maybe, I will do it second quarter next year.

I have three things in mind.

First, I may come up with a signature course for professional speakers. You can see that this is related to my project that helps resource speakers become more visible. I find this easiest since I am already doing this.

I will document what I am already doing so students get a rich resource that will help them become professional speakers.

Second, I may build a tribe of professional speakers. This can be an online community where professional speakers share their best practices.

I am not sure if professional speakers are willing to share their “trade secrets.” I know it is worth trying.

Third, I may write up with a book. I will interview professional speakers and those who have hired professional speakers. The book will become the “textbook” of aspiring professional speakers.

Yes, there are already thousands of books about the subject. But the Filipino experience will be richer than any of this book. I will show them a step-by-step guide on how to create value for customers.

The Filipino Professional Speakers project does not have to be my project. So, if you are one of those who believe you can make this happen, contact me. If I get twenty people who show genuine interest, I may come up with workshops soon.

I am declaring this as my next project so I will not forget it again. Though there are groups for speakers and trainers, I know that they are not offering the courses that professional speakers need to know.

I am not saying that what students get certification courses are useless. The lessons you’ll get from those who offer certifications are as useful as the ones offered by famous public speaking schools in the Philippines.

But they are not teaching you how to create more value for your clients.

September 26, 2021

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