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Looking for proven ways on how to build your career, become a better leader, or start a successful business.? Get my best advice, join my training, and succeed. I want you to know that you can give your damnedest best every day. You do not need to wait until you are ready or become the perfect person for a job.

You can start today.

Today is the best time to design your career and find your dream job. Now is the best time to turn your elegant idea into a business.

The Choice Is Yours

There are over two hundred articles and blog posts available for you to read for free.

I give 20 percent of what I write to my readers. The other 80 percent are for my students and members of the Awesome Tribe.

At the bottom of this page is a link to the sitemap. But I won’t encourage you to go there yet. You don’t have to read everything. Do not waste time on things that won’t improve your life. Pick those that matter to you.

The choice is yours to make.

I will invite you to explore opportunities.

I believe that you can be your best each day. You can make your fullest potential happen today. The next day, your potential will grow bigger. But if you won’t do anything, procrastination will shrink your potentials. What matters most is what you do today.

I believe you can choose and design your career. Our careers are vehicles like cars. They bring us to where we want to be. We can be on a bullet train. We get to destinations faster, but we won’t be able to enjoy the view outside. You can choose to walk, run, or fly. Not everyone can choose any vehicle, but you can design one for yourself. More important than the vehicle is a full understanding of why you need to move.

I believe you can start a business. A business is an idea that helps people. Trust me, we become happier when our busyness helps people.

I believe you can become a better leader, you can build teams, and develop leaders. And for that to happen, you need to start with yourself. That is, you got to be your damnedest best.

So, allow me to give you some friendly advice.

Awesome life is a choice.

1. Live a good life.

Do you feel that your life happened to you and days passed without your notice?

For the first three months of the pandemic, I was waiting and hoping for change.  And things got worse for the country and for my family. To say that we were stressed is an understatement.

It was a good thing that I had started planting vegetables and herbs a year before. Planting helped me keep my sanity. It helped me see things in new ways too.

Plants always go towards the sunlight. They grow and multiply. No matter how adverse the situation is, they found ways.

I thought I could do better than plants because I know how to think.

We can let things happen to us. Or we make things happen within and around us.

Life is a choice. We can choose to live a good and awesome life.

2. Enjoy the work that you do or find your dream job.

Most of us have to work harder to survive. They stay in a job they don’t like because people depend on them. They felt stuck.

I understand. I was in that situation too.

Then, I meet people who though young have designed for themselves the career they want.

I met people who choose the work they are passionate about, work that makes them do what they are the best at in the world, and work that provides them an income more than enough to live a good life.

I want you to know that you can enjoy the work that you do, let your light shine wherever you are, and make a difference in the world.

3. Develop leaders while learning how to lead.

Talking about leadership is easy. Any braggart can curse other leaders and say he can solve problems in three to six months though he failed to make a personal change in decades.

Becoming a good leader is challenging. It requires personal change and mastery. It demands that you think out of the box so you can create new realities.

I have been leading people since I was in third grade. Life taught me many things you won’t read anywhere. But experience isn’t enough. Thirty years of experience as a mayor won’t make you a good President. Trust me on this.

The good news is that we can learn how to lead. I have been interviewing leaders since the pandemic started. I read biographies of leaders. I search for insights, strategies, tools, and techniques I can share with you.

Because of what I found, I created The Academy so I can share what I learned.

4. Speak with confidence and change the world.

People trust those who speak with authentic confidence. Each of us has a story to tell. Each of us has something that can help other people solve their challenges. But not everyone has the will to share stories and solutions.

I decided to become a professional speaker in 2004. Since then, I have traveled to almost every city in the Philippines and have spoken before leaders in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Singapore.

I share my experiences and expertise with gusto with those who aspire to become better speakers.

If you want to speak your mind, sell your ideas, and persuade people to buy your solutions, I will help you.

I can help you speak with confidence and make a difference.

Zag while others are zigging.

Unlock Strategic Success.

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