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Since 2007, I have been helping schools develop excellent principals and teachers. I also teach student leaders how to make a difference while pursuing their career goals.

As a resource speaker, I have equipped thousands of leaders in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Thailand. I provide leaders with actionable ideas, strategies, and tools to build teams and develop leaders.

What is a resource speaker?

A resource speaker is a person invited or hired to speak about a specific topic to inform, educate, or motivate an audience. Resource speakers can be subject-matter experts, persons of authority, or professional speakers.

Many resource speakers are subject-matter experts; they have extensive knowledge and expertise. A basketball coach may share his expertise in developing and building a winning team. An SEO expert may share strategies and techniques to make money websites that convert.

Other resource speakers do not need to be experts, though. For example, former drug addicts are typically resource speakers when schools teach students the dangers of drug addiction. They don’t teach; they only share stories.

A few resource speakers are professional speakers. Tony Robbins, John Maxwell, and yours truly belong to this category.


I customize my speeches and training programs to the needs of my audience. However, since 2007 I must have delivered hundreds of topics on various subjects.

You will find below a few examples of the training programs and speeches I have delivered through the years.

Resource Speaker for Schools

We all need to help our schools. Bring the insights and experience of workplace practitioners to both students and teachers. 

Teachers are lifelong learners. They understand that they cannot give what they do not have. They are committed to being steps ahead so students can learn from them. They won’t be relevant if they won’t change.

What brought us here cannot bring us there. I agree that some will remain valuable through time. We must keep our values and culture intact. Yet, there are things that we need to change if we are to make change happen.

I believe that our teachers will gain enormous benefit from the following.

  1. Design Thinking
  2. Appreciative Inquiry
  3. Entrepreneurial Thinking
  4. Disciplined Execution
  5. Becoming an Influencer
  6. Visionary Leadership
  7. Systems Thinking
  8. Teaching to Change Lives

Students, on the other hand, can learn leadership, innovation, interpersonal skills, creativity, and innovation. These are the topics that I usually run for workplace leaders. There is a huge gap between what students learn and what the world of work needs.

I learned what I know about work by working. But students can learn advanced skills in leadership in schools. What schools can do is to allow students to learn from practitioners.

Students will benefit from the following:

  1. Leading & Building A Team
  2. Design Thinking
  3. Problem Solving & Decision Making
  4. Establishing Relationships
  5. Exemplary Leadership

The interwebs provide teachers and students alike the opportunity to learn all these. I bet that hundreds of Youtube videos talk about the topic. There are courses in Udemy, Courses, or Linkedin Learning that teach these competencies.

Of course, getting a resource speaker provides a unique opportunity for conversations. If the program will be a workshop, then participants will have valuable opportunities to learn from others and synthesize.

A Filipino resource speaker sees things from where you are. So, if you need my help, you can use the contact form below. Or go to page dedicated for schools.

vision for great schools
Teach them well and let them lead the way.

Resource Speaker for Business

For businesses, I deliver talks about leadership, teamwork, and professionalism. In post-pandemic Philippines, we will continue to be holding learning sessions through webinars and online courses.

There will be more lunch and learn sessions. Virtual team building will evolve. These are not substitutes for in-person sessions. The pandemic has shown us that we can use multiple platforms to learn faster, better, and cheaper. Something almost impossible before. Truly, there are seeds of opportunities in every crisis.

You will find my programs in leadership training, seminars, and webinars. There is a separate page on supervisory training.

What else can I offer businesses?

You can get enormous benefits from the following programs:

  1. Systems Thinking
  2. Design Thinking for Business
  3. Vital Behaviors of Champion Teams
  4. Be an MVP (Most Valuable Professional)
  5. How to Unleash the Intrapreneur in You
  6. Disciplined Execution
  7. Vision, Mission & Values

You can find excellent resource speakers for these topics. Your internal training staff can also run these programs. You can find simple ways to offer these to your organization. If you need help with the program, contact me and I will help you.

Stress Free People
Help employees become more productive.

Resource Speaker for Public Sector

I hate many politicians but I love our public servants. And when politicians choose to serve the public, they become my friends. 

As a resource speaker, I have experience in running programs for a province, city, and barangays. I have trained mayors, heads of departments, city and municipal employees, barangay chairpersons, kagawads, Sangguniang Kabataan, and Day Care Workers.

I did transformational leadership workshops for public school principals. I was once involved in training for the K to 12 program.

I have conducted workshops for national government agencies too. I went as far as Zamboanga. I’ve trained employees of Malacanang both at the time of Pnoy and Duterte.

But working with the government is more difficult than most. Some agencies do not have money, while others waste billions. So, I prefer working with private businesses.

But Filipinos must help the government. 

These training programs can help our government improve.

  1. Good to Great
  2. Customer Experience Management
  3. Design Thinking
  4. How to Find Solutions Like a Startup
  5. Good Citizenship
  6. Creativity & Innovation

Many Filipinos do not know this. Some public servants get 10x more training than those in the private sector. It is reasonable to expect our public servants to know better. 

I won’t talk about why the government seemed to slow to implment what they know.

I want to help you as a resource speaker. If any of the topic above will be of great help, then tell your bosses about them. Sometimes, a talk can make a difference.

work from home
Know where your people are.

For Your Info

I was first invited to be a resource speaker in 2006. It was a government agency where many of the attendees were lawyers who wanted to become confident public speakers. I was in my second year as a professional speaker. I was a member of Toastmasters who has delivered more than 300 speeches.

Of course, I evolved.

So, we can be on the same page, I will define what resource speakers and what distinguished them from other speakers.

resource speaker
Find experts.

A resource speaker is an expert or an experienced professional who delivers speeches that provide the audience with specific information so they can understand their challenges, make informed decisions, and find solutions to their problems.

Organizations invite resource speakers because of the knowledge and intelligence they bring to the organization. Warren Buffet, for example, is a sought-after resource speaker on wealth management and investment. Barack Obama can speak about leadership, politics, and everything related to his Presidency,

But a resource speaker does not have to be a celebrity. Anyone who has the expertise and rich experiences in a subject can be a resource speaker. A professional photographer can talk about photography, a teacher on learning methodologies, or a carpenter about carpentry.

I am a resource speaker on leadership, motivation, teamwork, and professionalism because I have experience and expertise in these topics.

You can find a resource speaker at the place of work. Unlike motivational speakers, they seldom advertise themselves as professional speakers. Remember, they get invited because of their expertise. I can talk about how to be successful as a professional speaker because I spent more than a decade studying the craft. You can find me on the internet because I do workshops and seminars.

Because of technology, some experts create websites to promote their advocacies. Someone who helps social entrepreneurs is an excellent resource speaker on social entrepreneurship.

You can be a resource speaker by making yourself visible. Experts are everywhere, but we don’t know much about them for they don’t have visible proof of their expertise. You can share your expertise by starting your own blog, publishing on Youtube, and other social medial platforms. You can send letters to civic organizations, radio stations, and newspapers. It is not bad to toot your own horn if you want to make a difference in the world.

Jef Menguin is a sought-after resource speaker on leadership, teamwork, and professionalism. He has trained thousands of leaders in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Taiwan.

Unlike other resource speakers who focused on theories and concepts, Jef Menguin provides actionable ideas and proven solutions to growing careers, developing effective leadership, and building a business.

Few resource speakers charge zero fees. Many resource speakers charge fees from 5000 to 10,000 pesos an hour. And some professional speakers charge north of 60,000 pesos.

Some resource speakers speak on behalf of their organizations. That’s why they don’t accept fees or gifts. If a resource speaker works in the government, they are given tokens or honoraria. That’s because resource speakers typically represent their organization (the government agency).

Government organizations and schools often use the term resource speaker. The heads of departments or the members of the faculty are often invited as resource speakers.

Often, fees have nothing to do with your expertise but more about the power of the person who invited you. A city mayor, for example, can pay more. An HR head is limited by the budget of the department and that of COA guidelines.

I seldom accept an invitation to be a resource speaker for government agencies. That’s because training providers may get 100x more than resource speakers even if resource speakers may provide more value.

Government agencies value your speeches based on your resume. A drop-out like Bill Gates may get 800 pesos an hour. That’s a silly example, of course. But you get what I meant.

In the private sector, they typically look for speakers who are experts in a specific field. You will find professionals who call themselves leadership speakers, teamwork speakers, personal development speakers, innovation speakers et cetera.

If the guest speaker or resource speaker is from a consulting company, they get professional fees ranging from 40,000 to 250,000 pesos. Well, if you happen to be a Caucasian speaker, the price may range from 300,000 pesos to 3 million pesos. Crazy, right?

The difference is not just in the branding but the specific value they provide to organizations.

I hope this answers your question.

To invite Jef Menguin as a resource speaker, fill in the contact form. Introduce yourself and explain what you want to achieve and why he has to work with you.

Resource Speaker versus Motivational Speaker

Based on this definition, a resource speaker is not a motivational speaker. The resource speaker does not intend to make people buy his ideas or have them at the edge of their seats. The goal of the resource speaker is either to provide information or show proven ways to implement something.

The resource speaker is like a teacher who does not give grades.

You must know the difference. If your people are afraid to embrace change or refuse to implement a new system, you do not need a resource speaker. A motivational speaker who tailors his message to your needs is of better help.

Resource Speaker versus Guest Speaker

You invite a resource speaker to get additional knowledge so you can understand the challenges your company is facing or to provide inputs as to the “best practices” in solving your specific problems. In short, the resource speaker has vital information that you must have for you to succeed.

On the other hand, a guest speaker can be anyone you will invite to speak because he or she is a guest. You may invite a guest speaker to inspire people about the values of your organization. The guest speaker may tell stories that may help you solve problems too.

If the guest speaker attempts to persuade people and make them buy the changes you are espousing in the organization, that guest speaker is a motivational speaker.

A guest speaker is always someone outside of your organization. On the other hand, a resource speaker can be an expert within your organization.

In many government events, local executives are frequently invited as guest speakers. Experts are invited as resource speakers in learning events. Both of them get paid, of course.


Likely, you are here not only to define what a “resource speaker” is, right? It might be that you are looking for a resource speaker and you want the best ones.

Frankly, many of us are experts are in our ways. Our experiences, our technology, and even our mindsets that led us to success (or failures) are good resources for others.

However, not everyone can simplify what they know in an hour or two. Not everyone can express themselves fully well.

You can invite me as a resource speaker, but only on specific topics.

Most of my working time is devoted to understanding how leaders and organizations work. I am trying to predict the future by studying trends. Any topic that pulls me away from my projects would require me to do more work.

I share information on this website for FREE. Then, I share the proven ways of doing things (implementation) via online classes, digital courses, and group coaching where I get paid.

These days, I welcome invitations to be a resource speaker in webinars.

I am keeping myself open to invitations from the government and schools, provided they make the process easy.

Instead of charging my usual fees, I allow them to work within their budget. If you belong to the government or schools, it is best to tell me your budget rather than asking for my professional fee. I believe you’ve got to do the same for other professional speakers too.

I know, not all government agencies are equal.

Themes and Topic

I have multiple passions and tried so many things. So, I won’t be surprised if people say I offer too many.

Well, not really.

All of these topics have something to do with how to become a better leader and how to build a thriving organization.

How can I help you?

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