Budol government refers to the government body of a nation whose leaders get elected through cheating, swindling, and double-crossing. During the campaign, budol politicians promised the moon and stars to get gullible citizens’ votes.

Most times, they win against honest and capable politicians. You may wonder why but the answers are in front of us.

These scammers keep themselves visible at all times. They mock their people, and people laugh at themselves. 

They think they are friends of these double-crossing politicians. But cheaters, scammers, and double-crossers do not have permanent friends.

Let’s give a few examples.

One politician promised to give 10,000 pesos once elected. Gullible citizens believed him, and he got himself elected. The 10,000 pesos is a bribe that will come from the voters themselves. 

Today, he claims that the promise cannot be fulfilled because he belongs to the opposition. But he never opposed anything.

Another politician, through his paid vloggers, promised to lower the prices of goods. His paid influencers told the people that we would once again be able to buy a kilo of rice for 20 pesos. 

This is an obvious scam, given his inexperience and inability to understand basic economics. But gullible voters tend to doubt their better judgment.

A budol government persist because of swindler politicians and unsuspecting citizens. Unless we eliminate them, the budol government will continue to exist.

We will continue to vote for an ex-convict who sings and reasons like a drunkard. We will continue to have a senator who spends more time managing the schedule of his master than lawmaking.

Unfortunately, we have more swindler politicians than good ones.

Unfortunately, there are more gullible than discerning citizens.

But there is hope.

Go local. Begin with youth leaders. Promote barangay leaders who can govern a city.

We can end budol government from the grassroots.

I wrote a piece about hiring incompetent people. I recommend that you read it. It is very relevant to how we elect leaders in this country.

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