When you want justice, Isumbong Mo Kay Tulfo! Raffy Tulfo will investigate your case, bring your problem to the government, provide you with legal assistance, and, when necessary, give you money to start a new life.

I know of many people who are regular followers of the show. It is the first thing they watch on Facebook and Youtube. It is a cultural phenomenon that will ensure Raffy Tulfo becomes a senator for 18 years if he does not set his eyes on the Presidency.

When I was young, Tulfo was Ramon Tulfo. He was feared. He was hated. He was rumored to be a yellow journalist. And he allied himself with politicians who were deemed corrupt. 

But when I was young, I thought Ramon Tulfo was the answer to the problems of the poorest of the poor. I ignored the rumors because those were rumors. But he became more famous because of the incident with Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barreto.

The idea that he was a strong hero went out of the window.

Raffy Tulfo is the most popular of the Tulfo brothers. People consider him considerate, compassionate, and competent. He is the most loved among the Tulfo brothers too.

The first time I saw his show, I thought that it was like a Jerry Springer Show of public service (minus the flashing). People lie. They exaggerate their claims. They cast aspersions on each other without fear. 

The show brings out the worst in people.

I won’t fault the hosts for this. But that’s what happens when the spotlight is on you. The camera enlarges everything, even the issues.

Isumbong Mo Kay Tulfo that shows that we have inept government officials and our justice system is broken. It shows that our barangay leaders cannot handle issues brought to them. 

When he got elected to the Senate, I expected Raffy Tulfo to leave the show and become a full-time lawmaker. 

But that’s too much to ask. We have movie stars who continue to appear in bad movies. We have business people who continue to make the government a tool for their businesses.

Isumbong Mo Kay Tulfo thrives in a budol government. And as long as more people watch the show, whatever we see becomes larger than life. And that becomes our reality. 

We will have the courage to watch shows that promote good citizenship. But that would be boring, right?

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