Success is the achievement of a worthy goal. This definition is easy enough if we will only consider the word achievement. But the phrase worthy goal makes one’s success different from others.

Let me give you examples.

My father’s worthy goal is to have at least one of his children finish college. None of my parents had a college education. One of six children is a breakthrough. He believes that it will stop the cycle of poverty in the family.

Three of us finished college.

My father’s breakthrough success is ordinary to other parents who sent their children abroad to study.

I know someone who considers living a simple life in the countryside a success. Of course, this success may not sound right for many who left provinces to find bigger opportunities in Metro Manila. But living a simple and peaceful life is success for a few.

There are those who fight their way, even kill each other, to success. Genghis Khan, his greatest achievement would be to conquer many lands. You can say the same about Alexander the Great, Hitler, and Stalin.

On the other end, you have Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Mandela, and Cory Aquino who fought against Tyranny through peaceful means.

We define success based on our set of values. What we value most in life, those we desire the most and work hardest to achieve, tell us what successful life is.

What is success to you?

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