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Be an inspirational speaker.

Inspirational speaking begins with an attitude of gratitude.

The inspirational speakers see miracles, which though obvious and experienced everyday, people do not see.

They feel the urgency to share these miracles with others. No, not because they believe they are superior to you. They share these miracles because they want others to experience joy.

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And because they are thankful.

Inspirational speaking is not about you although the message comes from you. It is also not about your speech.

It comes from that love that speakers have for humanity.

Unless there is love, speaking cannot be inspirational. Someone not in love with his audience is a speaker uninspired. He can be passionate about his topic, but that is not the passion we want to get from inspirational speakers.

Inspirational speaking is taking responsibility. It is our respond and our acceptance of what we can and cannot do to the world.

We know the impact we can make on others.

We have the choice to be silent. We can speak well or ill of others.The choice is personal because inspirational speaking is a personal responsibility.

I encourage you, therefore,  my friends to make your speaking inspirational.

– Jef Menguin

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