Appreciative Leadership

I am excited to work with organizations that continually create and redefine meaning in the lives of their employees and the customers they serve. My leadership philosophy is in harmony with appreciative leadership.

What is appreciative leadership?

Ayon kanila Diana Whitney and James Ludema, appreciative leadership is…

“the capacity to engage others in discovering, magnifying, and connecting all that is good and healthy in people and the world around them — in such a way that deepens relatedness, inspires transformational conversations, and mobilizes cooperative action toward life-affirming social innovations.”

Sa tao ang solusyon.
Sa empleyado nyo ang solusyon.
Sa customers nyo ang solusyon.
Sa atin ang solusyon.

You can help you managers, supervisors, team leaders discover, magnify, and connect the best in your people and everything around them.

The good news: hindi ito pangarap lang. Ginagawa na ito sa iba’t ibang panig ng daigdig.
The better news: Organizations around the world offer their tools and strategies for us to use.

Marami kasing magagandang pagbabago sa daigdig. At kung itutuon natin ang ating pansin sa mga magagandang pagbabagong ito, mabilis tayong makakaabante.

Appreciative leaders are positive revolutionaries.

Bakit nga ba mas magandang alternative ang appreciative leadership sa traditional problem-solving approach?

Sa problem solving approach,ang mga empleyado ay kasama sa problema. At madalas, sila ang tinuturong problema na kailangan malutas ng isang supervisor o manager.

Ang appreciative leadership ay inclusive. You can co-create your future. Appreciative leaders ask, ” Who else needs to be in this discussion? How can we engage all of our stakeholders? Whose voice has not been heard? What we all can do together?

Ang appreciative leadership ay inquiry-based. Human organizations and communities grow in the direction of what they study. Appreciative leaders embed values in the questions they ask. They focus learning and development on what the organization or the community wants to be.

During your leadership development program, participants will be guided through strengths-based approach to leading.

Appreciative leadership helps us see clearly the best of people, processes, organizations, and communities. Para sa akin, ang pinakamahuhusay na tao ay yung hinahanap kung ano ang maganda at tama sa iyo.

Sa maraming empleyado, ang trabaho ay trabaho lang. Kayod lang nang kayod upang umasenso.

Ang appreciative leader, tutulungan ka magningning. Ipapaalala nya sayo kung bakit ka nga ba gumigising tuwing umaga. Why? Because appreciative leaders have a bias for strengths and help otehrs discover and magnify, yes magnify!, your inherent potentials.

As I write those lines above, I remembered this quote from Peter Drucker,

” The task of leadership is to align strengths in such a way that weaknesses are irrelevant.”

You appreciative leader will help you make your weaknesses irrelevant.

Appreciative leadership inspires hope. It is said that without vision, a nation will perish. Appreciative leaders inspire hope that the vision will be realized. Without hope, there will be no enthusiasm, no energy, no commitment, and no persistence. An appreciative leader is a dealer of hope.

Jef Menguin

Leadership Speaker, LX Designer

Jef Menguin designs engaging learning experiences. He is the founder of Business Innovation Talent Development. He works with companies in the Philippines in designing and executing innovative leadership development programs.

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