Filipino motivational speakers push you to dream bigger and to encourage you to make your dreams real.

Filipino motivational speakers tell stories so you can see yourself from those who became successful. In their stories, they show you that every successful person is somewhat like you. That you are, in reality,  in a better position and is more capable of achieving whatever you want in life.

Filipino Motivational Speakers

They are practical and do not really talk about voodoo stuff. They do not have to make you walk on fire or walk on water or recite “I Am A Magnet for Money” a thousand times.

Filipino motivational speakers want you to see the beauty of your dreams and not be contented in dreaming. They want you to become successful because through your success their words become meaningful.

The success of motivational speakers is not measured by how much they will earn for every speech that they have delivered. The measures of success are the number of people they pulled from complacency and the number of people they pushed to go beyond their limits.

A manager does not get a Filipino motivational speaker because he wants the speaker to motivate his people to sell more. The motivational speaker cannot produce for you ounces of motivation.

That’s a tall order. Ask that from magicians or miracle workers instead. You can expect that from a snake oil salesman.

Dream Big

dream big
Dream big, set goals, and take action.

You get a motivational speaker to push people to dream big. You don’t make people motivated. You will find their utmost motivations in their aspirations.

This is why Filipino motivational speakers must not be full of themselves They must begin empty – and then fill their stories with the dream of his audience.

They are, in short, a dream tellers.

What is dreaming big?

To dream big is to think outside of the boxes. We consider possibilities, some of which are unreasonable to others. That although the world believes that you are not capable, you think about it constantly. That although in the world you exist, no one believes, you keep at it.

At work, you will meet bosses who will tell you that your vision for the organization is impossible. Because they tried before, and it didn’t work. They believe that because they failed, you will also fail.

They say that you cannot double revenue in a year. The best among you cannot even increase sales by 20%. They believe that there is no way that you can make a breakthrough. Because these people based your future success on their past failures. To them, they are reasonable human beings. And you are unreasonable.

Those who dream big are unreasonable.

Even if you are the boss or the owner of your company, people are overwhelmed by bosses who think big. They think you are asking for the impossible. Some will even believe that you only want to earn more money. But, unfortunately, your dream is not their dream.

A Filipino motivational speaker can help you change the narrative.

How to Make People Dream Big

They need to hear a new story. A good story creates a vicarious experience. You can tell a story of organizations that 10x their revenues even in times of crisis.

You can tell stories of people like them who help their company achieve in one year what they failed to accomplish in 10 years.

Stories wake us up. Stories make us realize our potentials. Stories show what’ in store for us.

But dreaming big is just the start. To start acting, you need to know that you can make your dreams happen. Sometimes, a motivational speaker can show you clues to proven, real-world solutions.

Make it happen.

Motivational speakers help you make it happen.
Make it happen.

You get motivational speakers to encourage employees to make dreams real — and to jump over all obstacles. You will find their utmost motivations in their fears.

This is why motivational speakers do not have to be the hero of their stories. They can be the mentor, but never the best, never the hero.

The hero is the person who is listening to them. The very person who can relate to the hero in the motivational speakers’ stories — someone who lacks confidence, someone who thinks he is not good enough, someone who is afraid — who now finds mentors.

How They Built It

Significantly few motivational speakers go to the extent of telling you how a person or a company built their success. That’s because you usually get these from consultants and advisors.

But nothing prevents a motivational speaker from showing you the steps individuals and organizations took to succeed.

Consultants will tell you these using bullet points. Motivational speakers use stories. You already know why. Stories create vicarious experiences.

Yes, the motivational speaker needs to do research.

Lazy speakers pepper speeches with jokes and quotations. They love it when people laugh every minute. And most people won’t complain. They’ll leave happy. But nothing will change.

An excellent speaker finds models. It does not mean that the solutions are already out there, but everyone can learn from individuals and organizations. We only need to understand what worked for them.

The Formula for Success

We want our listeners to come up with their formula for success. That’s why we tell stories of successful organizations.

But if motivational speakers can help, then we are getting the most from our financial investment.

A formula helps people understand. Your formula is like a recipe. You provide people a step-by-step guide on how to be successful. You make success looks easy to accomplish.

You can use memorable acronyms. You show fewer steps. You tell specific actions.

Although this post is written for Filipino motivational speakers, motivational speakers from anywhere can use these ideas. I am giving these ideas for free so that you can help more people.

Filipino motivational speakers help people achieve their motivations
Filipino motivational speakers keep people motivated.

Do you want to be a motivational speaker?

I wrote a guide to help Filipino motivational speakers to get started. One can be an excellent amateur or be a professional. The guide is for those who aim to reach more people and help them more effectively.

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  4. Find Your Starving Crowd

I also talk about how motivational speakers get paid and why people hire them. If you are starting a career in motivational speaking, you will one day ask for talent fees. Singers and dancers do.

The ways I shared in Strategy and Delivery can help you enormously. So, get to them too so you can create wow!

I created pages to tell the world what I do to help companies motivate employees and build leaders. Most of what I share online (around 90 percent) are gifts. That’s because I typically don’t charge for information but implementation. 

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