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Stop Wishing and Start Doing

Stop wishing and start doing. Realize your biggest dreams by doing it daily. Climb your mountain one step at a time. Keep on moving until you become unstoppable.

Motivation and ability fail people.  Not only that they need to develop skills of achievement, but they must also develop achievement habits.

Stop wishing and start winning. You can learn from your own experiences. You can solve your own problems. And you can create opportunities that will make this world a better place to live in.

Most of our actions are influenced by our habits. You can create new habits that will help you achieve.

You will find the following thinking patterns valuable as you create new habits.

Stop Wishing and Start Doing

You can wish upon a star. It makes your dream come true. You must have heard it before. There is a seed of truth into it. Wishing is the beginning. But the next day, you’ve to do whatever it takes to bring your dream to reality.

I offer you the following tips so you can start doing.

1: Break your own record.

No one will define for you what you can achieve. Only you can do that for your self. Your past performance doesn’t determine your future. You can break your record.

2: Say goodbye to your excuses.

Failures have excuses. Those who achieve have choices. In fact, we all have choices.

When others are waiting for change to happen, make change happen.

If you like what is happening now, keep doing what you are doing. If you do not like what is happening, do it differently next time. Don’t allow your excuses to justify mediocre performance.

3. Just do it.

If there’s really something you want to do, often it is as simple as just doing it. You don’t need tricks and gimmicks. It comes down to the difference between trying and doing, between talking about achievement and achieving.

Ultimately, it depends on your intention. Achievers pay attention to their intentions.

4. Speak the language of accountability.

Doing is better than trying. Doing becomes easier when one begins to speak the language of accountability. By developing the habit of asking the right questions, one begins to achieve.

5. Get unstuck.

How you walk around obstacles lies in the way you think about problems. Identifying what you expect from solutions brings you to a higher level and, ultimately, a better question.

Changing the questions often enough to lead to a satisfactory resolution and make the original difficulty disappear.

6. Find help.

When it comes to achieving what you want in life, it’s rare that you can do it entirely on your own. Often you’ll need a little assistance from your friends. You can learn from others. You can get the support of a mentor.

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