Some people will do anything to be successful. Others want power and to be liked by everyone. But many are happy with the little things in life.

I want a good life. To me, a good life is about what’s real, beautiful, good, and important. Thinking this way makes me careful about how I live every day.

Once, I tried hard to be “successful” because I grew up poor. I wanted to show I could be rich and have the respect of the world. I still like the idea of these things. But over time, I learned I don’t need possessions and power to be happy.

I want to be true to myself at all times. I had chances to make a lot of money. I just had to help some politicians or do big projects. But I decided to say what I really think, even if it meant less money. I don’t judge others for their choices. Everyone has reasons. But for me, how much I have isn’t what makes me valuable.

I teach, talk, and write because they share good things. I like to see the good in life. Sometimes I point out bad things people do. But mostly, I want to do good things. If I can help even one person feel better, I’m happy.

I used to work in Makati. Most of my clients were located there. But I chose a beautiful life in Los Banos. It’s good for my family. The air is clean, and there’s no big city traffic. I also grow plants in my backyard. I am unknown here, but people still find me because of my website.

I make less money now, but that’s okay. I am never envious of my friends who are now popular speakers and trainers. I know if I wanted, I could make a lot more. But the peaceful life here is more important to me.

A good life has meaning. I’m a teacher. I help people grow. The Filipino word “pamumuno” means a lot to me. It’s about helping others. My life feels good when I make others’ lives better.

What does living a good life mean to you?

I encourage you to answer this question too. It will help you gain clarity and confidence in whatever you do each day.

The good life is the celebration of that which is true, good, beautiful, and meaningful.

financial success

How do you define financial success?

Many may find the idea laughable, but I believe it’s easy to make money. Some might resonate with this. Others will vehemently disagree based on personal experiences.  The real challenge isn’t earning money, but understanding our reasons for wanting it.
The 4 Circles of IKIGAI

10 Life Rules Inspired by IKIGAI

As you read through these 10 rules, I invite you to reflect on how they resonate with you and how you can incorporate them into your daily life. 
digital life

A Healthy Digital Life

It’s hard to imagine life without screens. We use them for work, school, entertainment, and staying connected with loved ones. But too much screen time can lead to problems.

I’m answering this question for two reasons. One, to answer the question. Two, to show people how to craft an impromptu speech. This is freewriting.

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