30 Public Speaking Questions ( & Straightforward Answers)

Here are straightforward and honest answers to the most common public speaking questions. Lots of people want to learn how to become influential speakers. I believe that by answering their questions, they’ll be able to pay attention to essential ideas.

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Public Speaking Questions

Public speaking courses are worth your money. Of course, public speaking courses are not equal. Some courses pay more attention to help you learn some speaking techniques. A few courses help you build influence and sell your ideas. So, you pick the public speaking courses that serve your purpose.

Public speaking skills are necessary as long as you deal with people. It would be best to have speaking skills to help people understand you, your ideas, and your concern for others. Of course, if you intend to live alone on an island, you may not need speaking skills at all.

Some public speaking classes are challenging. It feels like you are studying to be an actor. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. Most speaking classes in the Philippines, however, are still manageable. It feels like getting one of those elective college courses.

Of course, public speaking is important. You’ve got to connect to the public. You will not only use your mouth and make an effort to let your voice out. You’ve got to learn how to get understood so you can be more beneficial to the world. With public speaking, you can create meaning and bring out the extraordinariness in everyday things.

Public speaking skills your abilities to get your message across when you are speaking to the public. It includes your ability to identify the agenda of your audiences, be intentional with your messages, use words that are clear, concise, and convincing. Public speaking skills also include your ability to use your voice, gestures, facial expressions, and speech patterns. You may also need some skills in motivating people.

Yes, public speaking can be a career. You can be a professional speaker, trainer, storyteller, actor, consultant, teacher, and everything that involves public speaking. That’s like saying every profession plus expertise in the field.

No one will prevent you from making it a hobby. Tsismosos and tsismosos have turn public speaking into a hobby. They don’t talk about ideas. They talk about you.

Yes, publics speaking can be learned. That’s because public speaking is necessary. The first time you cried, you were so little then, was your first attempt in public speaking. You can read books, enroll in courses, join theater or storytelling associations, and design your do-it-yourself course in public speaking.

I teach public speaking online. I have email courses for you. I have webinars, online classes, and even do virtual workshops to serve those who want to gain confidence. When you need help, call my name.

Like most performances on stage, public speaking may cause anxiety. By definition, anxiety is your fear of the future, which is unknown. That’s pretty much like almost everything. We get anxious for taxes, employment, love life, and others.

You don’t have to cure public speaking. Public speaking is the cure. With public speaking, you can expand your world. You can build a new reality. So, instead of finding ways to cure public speaking, think of ways to use it.

Public speaking boosted my confidence when I was young. I thought that I had no real value in the world. I was a poor boy born to a low-income family. There was almost nothing to hope for. One Easter Sunday, I got invited to speak on stage. I found out that my story can bring hope. Since then, I have beautifully seen myself.

Public speaking helps me bring my message to the world. With it, I can make my thoughts visible. The world needs to hear from us. We can do that in writing and in speaking.

Public speaking is a project and animated conversation. You speak, your audience listens. But actually, it was talking and listening at the same time. But this time, you pay more attention to the reaction of your audience. That’s how the audience communicates with you.

Public speaking positively changed my life. I gained more confidence. I was a teacher, a trainer, and and now a professional speaker. My ability to communicate increased my value (monetary and others) a thousandfold.

Much of the world has changed because of leaders’ ability to speak before people. That includes Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Barack Obama, Ninoy Aquino, and Jose Rizal. Yes, that also includes Hitler, Marcos, and Duterte.

Public speaking taught me to listen more to my audience. Before I speak, I must strive hard to understand where people are coming from. You seldom hear this, but the more you see the value of speaking, the more you will listen.

Public speaking is your response to the world who ask you to help them solve their challenges. You are communicating with your public that you understand where they are coming from, and you use your voice and whatever instruments you have to connect with them.

Public speaking means telling the world that you are alive and you are happy to be with them.

Begin with yourself. Understand yourself as if everything depends on it. Then, look around to understand others. Public speaking is your attempt to be connected with others using your voice. These are my best practices.

You can learn public speaking at home, in school, and anywhere you have the opportunity to be in contact with human beings. Celebrate the opportunity to speak with as many people. Find out how speaking with them changes you. That’s the purest way of learning to speak in public. Or you can try Toastmasters.

My public speaking course is the best in the world. If you can’t believe that, then try it. Frankly, I don’t know if there is such a course. We don’t learn the same way. Each of us has our purpose. So, pick the ones that will make you achieve whatever you want.

I think almost everyone, at first, fears public speaking. Some great actors can speak for hours because to them they were acting. But ask them before a group of people, they freeze.

It is in our psychological DNA. Our brain is wired to protect us. Any activity that will require us to exert effort is deemed dangerous. So, our brain tells us to avoid it. Most people believe their brains. Don’t make your brain your master. Get more opportunities to speak in public. Train your brain to accept speaking as an enjoyable, safe, and meaningful activity.

Public speaking is performance because you have goals. To achieve your goal, you have to perform something. You need a certain kind of attitude, skills, and a process to achieve your objectives. All of these make public speaking performance.

Public speaking matters today because the world needs more human-to-human connections. The advances in technology left many of us behind. Many people hide behind their cameras and perform tricks, but they never really connected with us. Public speaking brings us to how we are and reminds us who we are.

You will be able to design your future when you can connect with people in a special way. Our future is with people, not with machines. Your ability to speak brings you to a leadership role that no technology can give to you.

It has changed my life. It will change yours. Every time I deliver a speech, that delivery changes me. It helps me get connected to others, but more importantly, I also get connected to myself. Speaking transforms potential energy into kinetic, and that’s what makes it very special.

Yes, you can deliver speeches in public without preparation. That’s what impromptu speaking is. I have been teaching people how to speak off the cuff. You can too.

It was a joke, and then the joke became flesh. Many speakers quote the joker, and then everyone believes there was actual research that supports this claim. In the Book of List, a lot of people mentioned that they fear public speaking. But they were not asked to rank their fears. Many people did not say death because it was not in their minds. But ask ten of your friends if they’ll choose to die than speak. See how frivolous this claim is.

What are your public speaking questions?
What are your public speaking questions?

Your Public Speaking Questions

Do you have public speaking questions? You can write your questions below. I will try my best to give you answers you can use to improve your speaking skills – or to help others become better speakers.

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