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Personal Development vs Personality Development

Filipinos are more familiar with personality development than with personal development. Colleges typically offer personality development. But it is our personal development that is much needed in the workplace.

When I was in college, our personality development class focused on building a personal brand. The way you dress, walk and talk contribute to the development of your personality. Our teacher told us that the word person means “the face behind the sound,” which refers to the masks you wear. In each situation, you play a different role and wear a different guise.

Personality Development

Unwittingly, we learned that one ought to hide his authentic self behind a mask. I don’t think that this is the intention of personality development as a subject, but that’s where the focus of many who expect you to “fake it ’til you make it.” Personality development is about grooming yourself so that you become more distinctive.

Personality development and your mask.
Personal Development vs Personality Development 5

Your aim is to develop, polish, and refine your image. Personality development is the superficial, the make-up of personal development.

Of course, that’s just part of personality development. The essential parts are often hidden.

Personality development involves studying our inborn traits, behavioral and cognitive patterns that influence how we act and think.

Understanding how you act and think can help you change your character. Your ability to change your mindset and behavior will help in your personal development. Personal and personality development often overlap.

The confusion is not only in the meaning but also on what is more meaningful.

This is why many speakers offer personal development when they are actually talking about personality development. And training associates look for a personality development speaker when the boss really wants a personal development speaker.

This includes boosting your self-confidence, improving your ability to communicate, learning fine etiquette and manners, and talking and walking in certain ways.

It is akin to personal branding. You see yourself as a product. You sell yourself.

Personal branding training is a very lucrative business.

I don’t offer personal branding, image enhancement, or personality development training.

Though I see these as important component to my being a speaker, there are people who are more passionate about personality development than I do.

personal development
Personal development is about holistic growth,

Personal Development

As long as you live, pay attention to personal development. Because personal development focuses on helping you become the best version of yourself. When you pay attention to personal development, you become more aware of who you are, your passions, talents, and potentials. Each day, you work to get a good life, make a difference in the world, and realize your dreams and aspirations.

Be more passionate about personal mastery, excellence, and becoming an authentic leader. Be more excited about personal development.

It is okay to distinguish yourself, to get ahead, or to shine. But go beyond image building, make a remarkable impact. My friends, as long as you live, pay more attention to personal development.

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