Persistence: Build Stick-to-itiveness

Persistence allows you to continue doing something even if doing so takes hard work and determination, even if the world says you are wasting your time, and even if you keep on falling. Those who make the biggest difference in the world are those who persist. Persistence means that you’ll stick to it until you win.

The three essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hardwork; second stick-to-it-iveness; third, common sense. – THOMAS A. EDISON

The second essential key to your success isn’t apparent to many.

That’s because everyone talks about dreaming big and working smart, but very few people speak about stick-to-it-iveness or persistence.

You only need to study the stories of successful people.

Well, at least those who remained successful until their last days. You will hear from them how sticking to your inspiration, values, hopes, and dreams will bring you immense happiness.

You must be stickier as you get older.

Stick with your dreams when others tell you to forget them.

Stick with your dreams when facing tough times and you aren’t sure whether or not you can make it.

People use words like perseverance, resolve, determination, doggedness, tenacity, staying power, steadfastness, dedication, persistence, commitment, fortitude, grit, endurance, resilience, guts, and stamina — but nothing is as visual as stick-to-it-iveness!

Help employees succeed. And when you have millennial employees in your team, teach them the power of stick-to-itiveness too.

Jef Menguin

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