I offer workshops all over the Philippines. Each workshop focused on few vital actions that your leaders need to start doing in order for your organization to achieve your Bold, Important Goals (BIGs).

These workshops are fast paced. You’ll have a full intensive immersion into the “how to”, the tools, the practices that really work. I bring with me the knowledge of other practioners and experts so I can provide you best and innovative practices.

This is why I highly recommend pre-workshop activities so that your leaders come into workshops with a shared understanding of the methodology, terminology, and vital concepts.

These workshops are inexpensive. Executive courses are in the range of 2000 to 6000 dollars for each person. You don’t need one year, six months, six weeks, or a week in a classroom to learn the crucial steps to achieve your corporate goals. Living is the best way to learn and learning doesn’t have to be expensive.

These workshops are result-oriented. You will learn skills that are immediately applicable. You will walk away with doable actions plans that you can begin the very next day. These steps serves as lead measures that will help you achieve your goals.

These workshops are engaging. I don’t do the usual “data dump” and long onerous power-point sessions. That’s not how I learn. I learn in high-energy, challenging, idea-inducing, entertaining, and engaging experiences. I can help you leverage engagement. Engagement is easier than what most people think.

I encourage you to bring these fast-paced, inexpensive, result-oriented, and engaging (F.I.R.E) workshops to your organization and let your leaders expereince learning in new ways.

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