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This website is created for you my dear readers. So you can maximize your experience, I humbly offer the following tips.

A. Learn with me.

Keep a journal. Examine your experiences. Write about the leadership topics that I share. When you feel like you want to talk something else, by all means write about that.

You are on your own shoes.

B. Subscribe to Make A Difference.

Leverage on my experiences and the experiences of others. Because of my profession and my passion to connect with people, I discover simple and practical ways to multiply our happiness, better our health, improve our leadership — and make the most of our lives.

This can be your daily habit.

Create a folder in your email inbox so that you may read the newsletter anytime you want.

C. Visit the library.

You will find useful resources you can immediately use.

D. Create your own blog about your own journey to self improvement, leadership, entrepreneurship, or anything which are of interest to you. The best way to learn is to be a contributor.

E  Join the Forum.

Make the first post by introducing yourself. Ask questions. Share ideas.

F. Spread the love.

Quote lines that made a positive impact on you. Create a digital poster.

Share it on Google+, Pinterest, or Facebook. Write your explanation.

I ask you to do this so that more people will aspire to become better leaders.

F. Republish some articles on your newsletter.

I’ll appreciate if you would tell me where and when.

G. Submit your articles.

Guest posting is highly encouraged.

What posts are welcome here? You can submit work-related posts. I welcome ideas that will help everyday leaders in private enterprises, government organizations, civil societies, student leaders, and almost from anyone who has something to share.

Please send your articles through email: inspire@jefmenguin.com

H. Interview a person who demonstrates positive leadership in your community.

Write about him or her.

Or send a video of your interview. I promise to post videos worthy for people to know.

I. Express yourself.

Speak your mind. Use the comment section to share your thoughts, expand ideas, and converse with those who also like you took the time to express themselves.

You and I cannot build a community unless you participate and invite others to join us too.

You can try the comment section below.

J. Start your Malasakit Projects.

I create small projects to help others.

For example you can help buy tsinelas for kids who go to school barefoot. In some far flung areas, wearing shoes are not advisable.

Sometimes, it is free training to school teachers or offering livelihood seminars to informal settlers. These are small projects which your donation can be of big help.

K. Send your questions about leadership, learning, living and leading.

I will find time to answer your questions either through this blog or your email.

You can always win some prizes.

You may also ask me anything here.

K. Tell people about your experiences.

You can find the descriptions of my training programs at the seminars page.

Some people read ten and twenty articles in a row. Come on, have a life. Wash your dishes too. You can print some articles and read them first in the morning or before you sleep at night. I encourage you not to cut more trees.

There are people who find it fun to correct someone’s grammar and misuse of words. If you belong to this wonderful kind, why not have fun doing it here. I encourage you to email to me anything that makes my writing less than clear. You do not have to write in the comment section. It will become useless when people read it because by the time that they are reading my posts, I will have already followed your advice.

When you want to learn more about me, get more ideas at the about page.


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Thanks for reading. Please pass on to others whatever valuable lesson you learned today. Doing so will make the world a better place. If you have questions or if there is any topic that you want me to write about, send an email to inspire@jefmenguin.com.







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