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To Achieve Greater Things, Do One Thing

Most of us are overwhelmed with so many tasks. Yet, at the end of the day, we felt that we have not done much. We wish we have 30 hours each day to accomplish everything. But even if that is possible, I am sure we will still fall short. Because we don’t really need more time. We only need to know how to make the best of our hours.

How are we going to achieve more?

Focus on one thing. One great thing at a time.

Pay attention to what you really want to achieve today. Ensure that you invest more time thinking and acting on one thing that can bring you the most significant result.

Is it your intention to be the king in your industry? You cannot do that by hiring the most people and offering your clients more features and benefits.

No. Your clients are looking for something that your competitors do not serve. If you intend to be the only choice, you’ve got to pay attention to the client’s need.

Whatever you do and whoever you are, you should pay attention to one tiny thing that brings the most significant result.

Yes, focus on one thing.

Not a thousand things. Not ninety things. Not twenty things. Not five things.

One thing only.

Leaders who play bigger do not sabotage themselves by trying to succeed in many things. They don’t measure their worth by how many hours they worked in a day, people met, or tasks completed.

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