The One Thing That Makes Breakthroughs

We can do many great things by doing the one thing that makes the biggest difference. Most people, in an effort to achieve more keep themselves busy. They tied their achievements to the quantity of the work they do.

But the real secret to success and happiness is not in producing outputs but in making an impact.

Today, let us explore the breakthrough power of One Thing.

Are you overwhelmed?

Marissa wants to write a book. She’s been carrying this dream with her for the last 12 years. She hopes to start writing someday. But not today. There are too many things to do.

If only she has time to make her dreams real.

Many people are like Marissa. They are too busy to accomplish their dreams.

Most of us are overwhelmed with so many tasks. Yet, at the end of the day, we felt that we had not done much.

We wish we have 30 hours each day to accomplish everything. But even if that is possible, we will still fall short because we don’t really need more time. We only need to know how to make the best of our hours.

Do you want to achieve more?

For most people, the formula is evident: Work non-stop, be always busy, to achieve more. To achieve anything in life, claimed one personal development guru, is to do massive action.

I admit I fell for that teaching too. He said, to examine your beliefs, dream big, and do massive action.

I was convinced that to achieve anything in life, I had to work 16 hours a day. I needed to exert more effort and spend more energy to achieve more in life.

I forgot that many Filipino laborers have been doing massive action for centuries, and many of them are still in the same situation as their ancestors.

How can we achieve more in life?

The answer is simple: Do one thing.

Do one thing.

The discipline of One Thing is not new. There were many books written about it. But it is counter-intuitive and for this reason, most of us don’t venture into it.

It is buried in word prioritization. Most people understood it to be arranging things from the most urgent. If they have to do ten things, they consider the arrangement from 1 to 10.

But that’s really what it meant.

Among the many things, which one do I have to put earlier than others? Which one do I have to do first?

Prioritization means first thing first.

And this is important.

Because the first thing can be the only need that you need to do. Or it can be the one thing that when done makes all the others easy. Or it can be the one thing that will multiply the value of all the other things that are capable of doing.

The one thing is the most important, most impactful, and most urgent thing to do because it makes all others unnecessary or easy or more worth doing. That’s the breakthrough power of one thing.

Find your one thing.

Pay attention to what you really want to achieve today. Ensure that you invest more time thinking and acting on one thing that can bring you the most significant result.

Is it your intention to be the king in your industry? You cannot do that by hiring the most people and offering your clients the biggest discounts.

No. Your clients are looking for something that your competitors do not serve. If you intend to be the only choice, you’ve got to pay attention to the client’s needs.

Whatever you do and whoever you are, you should pay attention to one thing that brings the most significant result.

Yes, focus on one thing.

Not a thousand things. Not ninety things. Not twenty things. Not five things.

One thing only.

Leaders who play bigger do not sabotage themselves by trying to succeed in many things. They don’t measure their worth by how many hours they worked in a day, people met, or tasks completed.


The concept of One Thing (or First Thing First), will help you pay attention to the vital few things that will make a great difference. You won’t stress yourself about trivial things.

Our life is short; we can do great things by doing the most important first each day.

More importantly, you will increase your ability to focus. For most of us, it won’t be easy at first to let go even of the most minor, unnecessary things. But with practice and discipline, we can will ourselves to do that one thing which gives us 1000 times the result.

I teach leaders how to practice the discipline of One Thing in strategic planning, personal development planning, and time management workshops. One Thing is a strategy that changes the way we think and work.

In the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, you will discover One Thing in First Thing First. In Good to Great, it is the BHAG. In the Four Disciplines of Execution, it is the WIG.

One Thing is at the core of my 1000x Strategy on this website.

You can bring the One Thing Workshop to your company. We only need less than 4 hours to make more sense of it.

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