To fill every minute of an hour is not an invitation to do more. It is an encouragement to be better.  It is easy to make this mistake because we can easily count more either with inputs or outputs.

I have observed the addiction to do more almost everywhere.

“As a manager, I demand that my supervisors accomplish more so they can meet their KPIs. I keep myself busy and I don’t want to waste my time with soft skills training or something like team building. I don’t have them in my KPIs anyway. Besides we’re doing good, there is nothing wrong with my team.”

“Sir, why don’t you make your website look like a real website. You can put more things in the sidebar. You can advertise there your seminars, photos, and many more. Sayang naman.

“I am using the tracker that you gave me. Each day, I list down everything that I need to do for that day. But I don’t always get these things done. I just don’t have enough time.”

There is a tendency to measure ourselves with doing more and having more that resist less and simple.

More of the unnecessary doesn’t put greater value into what we do. What is unnecessary? If today were your last, what would you do? will help you. Answer this first.

We measure ourselves better with the outcome we create, the impact we make, the value we produce.

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