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Focus on Results and Value

Speakers who focus on purpose, result, and action are more likely to become successful in professional speaking than those who get themselves busy with tasks and tricks.

The audience want you to enlighten them. You are not a stage performer, you are a difference maker.

A client asked me what made me different to Francis Kong and other speakers. He wants to know whether I offer something unique or whether I offer generic topics.

I do not attempt to be a unique guest speaker or offer a unique message. People will always find a way to compare you to someone greater than you are. They can also easily connect your message to something they have heard before.

I do not attempt to imitate a great speaker either. You can speak like John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, or Tonny Robins.

But a copy cat is a copy cat is a copy cat.

It is okay to quote speakers like John Maxwell, but to become his mouthpiece will get you to a wrong start.

I am interested in three things. My speeches and leadership programs revolve around them. I suggest you consider asking the persons who invite you the following questions:

1. What is your purpose for inviting me? Am I helping you to realize a vision for your organization?

2. What results do you expect to see? Do you want to sell more cars, mobile phones, or softwares? Do you want your people to be more productive? Do you want them to instill malasakit?

3. Do you have other programs that will sustain the impact of my talk? Is there anything I can do to help you to make a bigger impact?

Professional speakers spend sleepless nights to write speeches which are unique and powerful. They look for new ideas. They master their gestures and facial expressions. Well and good. Spend 20 percent of your prep time on these things.

Begin and end with your audience. Spend 80 percent of your time connecting with your audience. You can sleep well if you focus on results and value.

Jef Menguin

P.S. I can help you come up with leadership development programs so you can build the leaders in your organization. You can use competency-based future-oriented learning experiences so you can deliver results that really matter. Find out how you can build leaders.

Jef Menguin brings the real-world insights both of a business leader and a social entrepreneur. Providing more than just business entertainment, Jef Menguin gives actionable advice that your people will use immediately.

He is the president of Compass Center for Leadership, Management, and Governance — the customer-centered, result-oriented, and competency-based consulting company responsible for providing leadership learning experiences that inspire, equip, and enable leaders in the workplace.

When you want a leadership speaker who begins where you are and who is fanatical about service and in helping you to get where you want to go, get Jef Menguin.

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