In March 2023, I will host the first Team Leadership Bootcamp. TLB is a 10-day learning program that will help improve leaders’ confidence and ability to lead teams. Participants in the Bootcamp will have opportunities to discover new insights, use tools, and learn the step-by-step process of building and leading teams.

TLB participants can access a community to view recorded videos, get updates, and ask questions.

They can join three 75-minute webinars to help them start a team, learn teamwork competencies, and solve team problems.

The Team Leadership Bootcamp is a premium course. Therefore, I will limit the number of participants to give more attention to learning needs.

I am considering the price range of 4,000 to 6,000 pesos. However, I will offer this to my subscribers at a very friendly rate which I will announce through my weekly updates.

I will eventually make a public announcement via Facebook and Linkedin so people can join the waiting list.

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