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Leading Teams to Success: Essential Skills for Team Leaders

You may have a thousand followers, but your ability to lead is defined by how you lead your team to success. The best leaders surround themselves with a few people who get things done.

Leading Teams to Success is for team leaders who desire to develop essential skills. 

This program will address the common challenges that team leaders often face:

  • The feeling that the team is failing
  • Serious doubts about the competency or credibility of the team leader and other team members
  • The rivalry between team members
  • Issues with poor performance
  • Poor personal and interpersonal behaviors
  • Issues around favoritism and fairness
  • Building commitment

In this learning session, team leaders will have opportunities to build the competence and confidence to lead teams. 

How to Be a Successful Team Member. Not everyone succeeds in teams. Those who don’t know how to become a successful team member will find it very challenging to become team leaders too. 

Members need to understand the team’s goals and roles. They need to know when to say no, how to be assertive, when to give feedback, and how to handle conflict with other team members.

Essential Skills for Team Leaders. Team leaders must ensure productivity and performance. They must become effective communicators, problem-solvers, decision-makers, planners, delegators, and motivators. They wear many hats and must understand which hat to wear in various situations.

How to Handle Team Problems. Teams face many issues and challenges that team leaders must solve and manage. Team leaders may use various tools to solve team problems. 

Leading Teams to Success is ideal for a six-hour live workshop. It is interactive and output oriented.

Live Workshop for Ten People | 50,000 pesos

Virtual Workshop for Ten People | 40,000 pesos

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