If you are here because you are looking for keynote speaker, there is a chance that we can work together. If you are like my clients, you know that a keynote speaker and a motivational speaker aren’t the same.

A keynote speaker can help you influence your people to embrace change. Many speakers deliver their favorite topics again and again. This is not  true for a keynote speaker.

Your needs define the content and the tone of the speech. The keynote speaker has to kill his darlings so yours will come to life.

This separates the keynote speaker from all other kinds of speakers. He speaks so he can help your organization communicate your big hairy audacious goals to your people.Your goals may include new customer experience strategies, implementation of expected behaviors or mindset, new leadership practices, and others.

Using stories that persuade and strategies that drive results, the keynote speaker plays the role of mentor, coach, educator, and inspirer — all for 60 minutes and a bit longer.

I am speaking from experience having been invited many times as a keynote speaker.

The point of hiring a keynote speaker is to help you change the mind of your people, to help you paint a picture of something that you have not seen, heard, or believed before.He is your messenger, not your messiah.

A messenger, not a messiah.

When you introduce a keynote speaker to your group, he temporarily becomes a tribal leader. Something like the voice of what your organization desires. While standing on the platform you have given him, he has the opportunity to take your people to intellectual and emotional journey.

The keynote speaker cannot change the world for you. But this same speaker, with the right message, right tools, right delivery, and right connection can make your people understand why their world needs to change, show them how to do it, and be inspired to make change happen.

My first step is to begin empty. I will listen to you. Tell me what you really want.

Clarity is what you need. I can help you zero in on your most important goals. Let’s get there soon so I can help you better.

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