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8 Reasons Why Good Leadership Is Important

Famous leadership expert John Maxwell said, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” I agree. And this is why leadership is of utmost importance. Without it, even the most prominent organizations in the world will fall. With it, the impossible becomes possible.


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cyber wellness

Cyber Wellness: A Safety Guide for Digital Filipinos

Cyber wellness is a proactive and positive approach to interacting in the digital world. A good understanding of cyber wellness helps you ensure that you will have a positive, safe, and productive online experience.
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25 Tips for Online Safety

Master online safety with our guide! Discover 25 practical tips for parents, educators, students, and professionals to navigate the digital world securely.


Develop passion for excellence

Passion for Excellence: Doing Better Than Your Best

A low performer will find all the reasons for low performance. The boss is not a good person. The boss does not know how to lead. The boss has favouritism. His efforts are unappreciated. The company gives so little, so why work hard?

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run you own race

Don’t just be better, be the only one.

I want Jefferson Carlos to know that aiming for improvement is good. But I will not ask him to do everything to be better than others. I will urge him to be the only one.

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