The word kakampink is a portmanteau of kakampi and pink. Kakampi means ally, someone you can rely on or someone who stands with you. Pink is the color of Robredo’s presidential election campaign. It was her supporters who called themselves kakampink. 

A kakampink is a Filipino who believes he can co-create the bright future we want for our children and country. A kakampink stands for good governance, love for country, and nation-building. A kakampink is a Filipino who believes in the power of one.

So, when a kakampink wears pink, she’s making a statement: I am one, but I am not the only one. 

It was an expression of support to others who believed that for the sake of our nation, she must not stay silent. She must speak against what’s wrong and promote that which is right.

Being a kakampink is a badge of honor, a bond between people who believe in noble causes.

My wife and I are kakampinks. My wife is the least political person I know. But her eyes were opened to the cause while listening to Robredo. Robredo spoke the truth. Robredo captured the imagination of millions of Filipinos.

I knew that she wouldn’t win the last election. The machinations of traditional politicians were working hard. A year before the elections, many politicians already aligned themselves with the candidate who purchased their loyalty with lucre.

But the campaign was not about Robredo. The campaign was for the future of our children and our country.

A kakampink is not a minion or sycophant. 

A kakampink does not go to campaign rallies to get 500 pesos. While others consider receiving a white envelope from a politician as utang na loob. A kakampink considers this an insult to his person and his cause.

It was a campaign I had not seen in a long time.

Please let me explain.

In most campaigns, people align themselves with a candidate. They may identify themselves with the color the candidate is using. They may wear the campaign shirts given to them by the supporters of these politicians. Filipinos do not identify themselves with colors.

Because we know that politicians in the Philippines tend to change their colors every election, and they change again once elected.

For example, the term dilawan was never used by the pro-democratic movement led by Cory Aquino. Marcos propagandists popularized the term to trivialize the cause for democracy. But those who know understand that the yellow ribbon was the symbol for a free and democratic Philippines. Dilawan is for democracy. Good willing, I will be able to talk more about this one day.

I never aligned my values with the color of the candidates.

But kakampinks wear pink with pride.


Because it was not about Leni Robredo. Robredo is a kakampink among millions.

 About a year after the elections, kakampinks still wear pink. And they are happy to see others who continue to believe in the capacity of the Filipino to free itself from cheaters and swindlers in the government.

Today, many kakampinks are leading NGOs that support various nation-building causes. Many of them became my friends. They work in the spirit of bayanihan, pag-asa, and malasakit.

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