I set ideas free.

My ideas are racing when I am walking, planting, and showering. It is incredible what simple tasks can do to help create ideas. But these ideas do not to the page of my website. I often write ideas with 800 words or more.

Ask me why.

Ideas published in less than 200 words, no matter how valuable and great, often do not get more readers. Google and Bing do not make them visible. In a year, these ideas can only get at least ten readers.

I share what I find valuable, but search engine robots look for more words.

But I won’t worry about that anymore.

My articles are read by more than 100,000 people every month. So, I will continue writing extensive articles. My article on 30 Filipino Values gets read by 48,000 people each month. So, that 100,000 views estimate is very conservative.

Why am I telling you this?

I will set my ideas free. I will let each one flow, so they become alive in you.

Remember, I give great ideas for free. I get paid for execution. And I won’t mind not getting paid for a great idea. You can adopt them. Nurture them. And make them grow so you can change the world.

From now on, you will read actionable ideas, snippets, and quick training tips. In addition, I will create snackable videos which you can learn from and share with your staff.

You can find my actionable ideas and snippets in the forum section. I will ask myself questions, and I will answer them. You are free to comment. You are free to share your answers too.

You can read the quick training tips in less than 5 minutes. That’s not really long. Some of my articles take 30 minutes to read.

Frankly, five minutes is too short for good content and too long for bad ones. But most of us spend hours moving from one bad video to another on Tiktok and Facebook Reels.

I know. I was doing that too.

Without noticing, I waste four hours on my mobile screen moving from one video to another. If you are not like me, good for you.

As an introvert, I feel uncomfortable seeing myself on videos. But I have a cause, and it is my cause that inspired me to write and create courses. This same cause will inspire me to create training videos for you.

Jef Menguin

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