You will find many examples of bayanihan today. To appreciate this Filipino culture of bayanihan beyond the “house-transfer definition,” we ought to give it face. We will see how one person can become a living hero and encourage its practice.

I am sure that there are thousands of stories you can find out there, most of which are unwritten.

We can also bring concern for the well-being of the community to our organization. To help companies during these tough times, I designed team-building programs that encouraged empathy, kapit-bisig, and compassionate leadership.

Examples of Bayanihan

1. Angat Buhay

The OVP has one of the smallest budgets in the government, just enough to cover operational expenses. But Leni Robredo believes in the power of bayanihan. Through Angat Buhay, she attracted good Filipinos to work together to lift up the lives of Filipinos. For example, during the Pandemic, Angat Buhay brought together thousands of volunteers and donors to provide aid to health workers and victims of Covid-19.

A photo of Angel Locsin, a celebrity who practices bayanihan today. Examples of Bayanihan
An Angel in Disguise

2. Angel Locsin Gets Candid About Her Advocacies

Angel Locsin is not a hardcore activist, but she has been advocating the rights of women and indigenous people. She used her money to help those who were victims of natural disasters. Because of this, she inspired other celebrities to donate and volunteer. She inspired in Filipinos the true spirit of Bayanihan. Forbes Magazine listed her as one of the “Heroes of Philanthropy 2019“.

3. Pandemic Cannot Stop Bayanihan

When people need help, Filipinos come to the rescue. In this article, Rappler listed those instances when ordinary Filipinos continue helping others even in the times of the Pandemic.

4. People are Step-Up to Help Taal Volcano Victims

Some days after the Taal Volcano erupted, there was heavy traffic flow going to Batangas and Cavite. They are ordinary Filipinos who brought food, clothes, and other essentials to help fellow Filipinos.

5. Shops offer free coffee, food to healthcare workers amid coronavirus

Every business can be a social business. During this Pandemic, some stores offer free coffee to health workers.

6. Ligo Sardines reallocates the entire advertising budget to help independent groups fighting COVID-19 

I love Ligo. And I admired its owners for choosing to support Filipinos during the Pandemic.

7. The Maginhawa community pantry
I thought that community pantries would exist only for a week or two. Unlike the supporters of the President, I never doubted the intentions of the founder of the Maginhawa Community Pantry and of others who Patricia Non inspired. This is an excellent example of Bayanihan. Filipinos helped because they know they don’t have to wait for politicians to do something good.

8. Bayanihan in the Netherlands
I feel good about this post. Filipinos bring the spirit of helping people in need wherever they are. I have heard of OFWs who have been helping our kababayans abroad.

Bayanihan Spirit

You must have heard that the Philippines has the longest Christmas season in the world. It starts on September 1. And people feel the air of Christmas spirit.

We can say the same for the bayanihan spirit. We often hear the phrase in times of crisis. It happens when we read about other people who helped victims of typhoons, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and other tragedies. We never run out of these tragedies.

We say that there is a bayanihan spirit when we see outpouring support for others. It is as if Filipino, even those who have less in life, felt the urge to help. It feels good to help others.

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