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Project Team Building

If you know someone who aspires to become a team-building facilitator, contact me. We can explore opportunities to collaborate. If you want to deliver a train the trainer program for your training staff, I will help you.

Promote the I in Teams.

“There is no I in teamwork.” You must have heard of this hogwash before. The intention is to promote teamwork. Unfortunately, good intention is not enough. In an effort to promote teamwork, some team building facilitators forced the I to disappear. There is I in teamwork. That I is personal …

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team awareness

Raise team awareness.

Help your team make accurate assessments of its actions and structure. Understand that your team is a perfect fit to its current structure and performance of its members. People preoccupied about their daily businesses become blind to what they’re doing. They fail to correct themselves. They ignore the great potentialities …

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teamwork builder

Get team commitment.

This is a common mistake. In my eight years of helping organizations build teams, many managers think that team building is a great opportunity to chill and relax.

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