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You can increase your value a hundred-fold through public speaking. You can become an excellent public speaker by joining Toastmasters.

I told you about this here. If you have not found a Toastmasters club near you, you can search here. If you are in Los Baños. Calamba, Bay, Calauan or San Pablo, contact officers of my club. We will welcome you.

We meet at the Continuing Education Center at UP Los Baños.


Read the title once again.

People will think that you are a genius when you can deliver a life-changing two-minute speech in table topics.

I have heard speakers somewhere who despite an hour of talking do not communicate anything that makes good sense.

And I have seen speakers who can make a two-minute table topic answer life-changing.

Table Topics is the impromptu speaking segment of Toastmasters. Members of the club are called to speak about topics that they only have seconds to prepare.

Imagine that many people can’t come up with a coherent and compelling speech when given a week of preparation.

How come Toastmasters expect you to deliver a speech without preparation?

The answer is very simple: Because you can!

When you join Toastmasters (I can speak for our club), you will learn improvisations. You will be able to use whatever you know to come up with new ideas and new ways of thinking about things.

You will be able to master speech patterns or architecture. You will be able to put together words, sentences, and paragraphs that make sense together.

Some people will think that you are a genius. That’s because Table Topics bring out the genius in you.

When you visit a Toastmasters club, I encourage you to participate in Table Topics. You don’t have to be a great speaker to join. You can become a great speaker when you join.

Because regular participation in table topics will bring out your genius. There are 17 speech patterns you can learn. Mastering two or three of these patterns will make you a stand-out.

Join Toastmasters and participate in Table Topics.

Jef Menguin

PS. I also offer a three-hour impromptu speaking program for corporate clients. Participants will have opportunities to master simple techniques to prepare speeches in minutes, handle Q and A, and face any crowd anytime.

PPS. Toastmasters become confident because they want vicarious and actual speaking experiences. You grow faster in Toastmasters when you have excellent evaluators. The quality of evaluators makes one Toastmaster club 100x better than others. I will talk about this in my fifth post.

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