Not everyone who will introduce you know how to introduce a speaker.

You can help the organizers to present you well you to your audience by writing a good introduction.

There are those who will steal the thunder away from you. This is the opportunity for them to shine and they look forward to this event. They prepare for their performance, not to help you in your performance.

There are those who will not prepare at all. They will read your curriculum vitae to a bored audience. If you made a mistake of submitting your five-paged CV, expect them to read every section.

Every speaker must prepare an introduction. You must prepare yours too. When you craft the introduction, remember this T-I-P.

Topic of your speech. Your audience want to know what you will talk about. The introduction may contain the title of your speech. You may also mention problems your speech intend to solve or opportunities you intend to reveal.

Here are examples.

You can increase your value to this organization, or to any organization that needs your services. You will learn how when you listen to our guest speaker who will share the Secrets of One Percent Principle.


Do you want to know that one principle which can help you increase your value to the organization a hundredfold? Or do you want to be promoted again and again?

Importance of your speech to the audience. The introduction must tell your audience how listening to you will benefit them.

If you used an empathy map, you can use words which suggest that your speech ease will their pains and will help them get what they desire.

I will continue the first example of the introduction above this way,

I know that some of us want to be more and do more for this organization. This is why we want to develop our skills and be the persons that we want to be. But it seems that some of our goals are to elusive we can’t touch them. We tried the difficult ways. Would you be interested to try one way which is simple, easy, and effective?

Presenter. The introduction must build the credibility of the speaker. Forget about all the titles, academic achievements, and professional organizations that has nothing to do with your speech.

Let us continue the example above.

To help learn and use the one percent solution, we invited someone who advocates and practices it. He is an international speaker, corporate trainer, entrepreneur, blogger, marketing consultant, and educator. He will show us how anyone of us can practice the one percent solution every day. Let us all welcome, Jef Menguin.”

I suggest that you make a fifty-word and a hundred-word introductions.

Send both introductions to the person assigned to introduce you.

She will be thankful.

Jef Menguin

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