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Earnest Leaders Speak to Connect

Connect rather than impress. The shortest distance between two persons is authentic communication.

A person who always aims for an impression is insecure. And maybe you are. You cannot erase insecurity by showing off. A show-off is deemed selfish.

Everyone will smell you. The wiser ones will tolerate you to a certain extent. Others will drive you away or run away from you.

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Virgil is a good example.

I noticed that he is obsessed to get everyone’s attention. During meetings, he speaks in English, though everyone including his boss speaks in Filipino. He uses words and phrases which are not normally used by Filipinos in conversations.

His co-workers privately joke about their need to bring a thesaurus. He never made an effort to connect to them.

Virgil speaks Filipino better than English.

It is common for some employees to seek opportunities to show off. But they do not need to do that. If they are really impressive, their co-workers will soon notice.

You must begin by connecting to them.

It is common for new leaders who are yet to prove their worth to show off. But, no. Do not brag about your past accomplishments. You do not have to show that you are foreign-educated and have learned a foreign accent.Speak to connect.

Have a healthy dose of self-worth.

If you are great, they shall soon see your results. Begin by connecting to your people. Speak so they will understand.

Earnest leaders speak to connect.

speak to connect.
Speak to connect.

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