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Customer Experience Management

Customer experience management (CXM) is the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations and, thus, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

It is a strategy that requires a mind shift and process changes to accomplish. Customer-centric organizations have identified the customer experience as a key element of their success.

This workshop teaches the fundamentals of customer experience management, with a focus on the particular issues and challenges faced by the organization.

Our workshops inspire organizations to include customer insights in the development of products and services.

Over the course of this full-day customer experience management workshop, you will learn how to conduct research and listen to customers, collect insights, distill the insights into thematic findings, then convert those findings into actionable next steps and discuss how to effectively socialize the findings throughout the organization.

CXM Workshop Breakdown

The workshop is divided into four sessions:

Learning Session 1: Inspire

  • Introduction to customer experience and how to manage it
  • Exercise: Customer observation
  • Discussion: Structuring the team for CXM

Learning Session 2: Practice

  • Introduction to research methods
  • Exercise: Discovering unmet needs
  • Relating customer insight to strategy
  • Discussion: relating customer insights to Roadmap

Learning Session 3: Deep-dive

  • Discussion: Particular challenges faced by the organization
  • Synthesizing customer needs with team goals
  • Incremental improvement vs. blue-sky innovation
  • Exercise: Hypotheses for validation

Learning Session 4: What To Do Next

  • Discussion: communicating with leadership
  • Resources for further exploration
  • Exercise: Commitments and accountability for next steps


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