Upgrade Your Life & Work Skills with These Webinars in 2022

Participate in these webinars to gain new perspectives, practical skills, and proven strategies to find a great job, be more productive, relieve stress, get promoted, and build leadership. These webinars are for Filipino professionals who are eager to learn anywhere and anytime.

Smarter Goal Setting

How to Launch Yourself for Success

People have dreams and wishes, but not everyone has goals. Goal setting increases the chance of improved performance and achievement. Write your recipe for success.

Speak Anytime, Anywhere

How to Deliver Excellent Impromptu Speeches

Learn how to deliver speeches that motivate people. Find great topics, serve your audience’s needs and structure your content to move people to action.

80/20 Time Management

How to Pay Attention to Your Intentions

It seems that we now have more time in our hands — and yet, at times, we feel that we have done less. Learn how to manage your time. Go beyond having a schedule and ticking one task after another.

Meetings that Work

Save Time and Produce Results in Meetings

There are proven ways to lead and participate in meetings. Use the principles and steps in this webinar to conduct face-to-face and remote sessions with less stress and great results.

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Webinars to Upgrade Your Life & Work Skills in 2022

Webinars will stay and become an essential learning platform in the new normal. Live in-person training will continue, of course. Just like Netflix did not replace public TV.  Webinars are for those professionals who want to learn more and better, anytime and anywhere, for less cost.  

But make no mistake, not all webinars are equal. Most webinars presently offered are virtual versions of boring lecturers who talk about nice-to-know subjects. 

The best webinars in the future are products of learning experience design.  That kind of webinar is already here, but it is not yet the norm.

Webinars in 2022

In 2022, I will conduct more webinars. I invited experts in leadership, personal development, and business to join me. I have identified webinars that people want and need.  You can find below the tentative schedule of webinars (and other virtual events).

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New Webinars for Leaders & Professionals

Here are webinars that you can bring to your organization. If you are looking for a tailor-fit topic, send me an email: leadership@jefmenguin.com

1: Goal Setting for SMART People

People have dreams and wishes, but not everyone has goals. The mere act of goal setting increases the chance of improved performance and achievement. It is like writing your recipe for success.

In this webinar, I will share with you steps on how to set long-term and short-term goals. As a participant, you will discover ways to “overachieve” and what to do when the chaos of daily life snatches you away from working on your goals.

2: Tiny Habits that Can Help You Manage Stress

It is now common to find many Filipino professionals suffering from the adverse effects of stress. For example, working from home is not easier than how most people initially thought. It is stressful.

Left unmanaged, stress can make us unproductive. It often results in a loss of focus, motivation, and productivity. In this webinar, participants will learn the vital steps in managing stress, and I will share practical steps you can do to become more productive (and happier!) each day.

3: Proven & Effective Ways to Manage Your Time

It seems that we now have more time in our hands — and yet, at times, we feel that we have done less. Young professionals often rely on new time management apps to keep themselves productive. But time management goes beyond having a schedule and ticking one task after another.

In this webinar, participants will discover time management as a decision-making process that when mastered may help them enjoy life more, getting better things, and eliminate unnecessary activities to find more space for essential matters. I will share a few thinking tools too.

4: The Recipe for Delivering Speeches That Move People

Most of the speeches delivered today do not have life. Speakers are more concerned about what they need to cover than what audiences need to discover so they become encouraged to do what’s best for them.

In this webinar, I will teach you how to craft speeches that will help you motivate people ( in a way that even many motivational speakers fail to do). I will show you how to find great topics, serve your audience’s needs, and structure your content, so you will include only what’s necessary.

5: Easy, Effective, and Engaging Ways to Lead Meetings

Many Filipinos have realized that running remote meetings isn’t easier than live, face-to-face meetings. It is more difficult to participate, much more to lead a remote meeting. I have done many of these remote meetings since March 2020, and I will share with you the best practices in this webinar.

6: The CONFIDENCE Formula

Confidence can bring you further. People follow someone who demonstrates authentic confidence. They buy her goods, and they listen to her advice. Because most of us lack confidence in doing what we feel we ought to do.

In this webinar, I will share how I overcame my fears – and they are many — and the steps you can take to build self-confidence.

7: Side Hustles for Pinoys

I am glad that many Filipinos found ways to survive and thrive during the pandemic. Those who lost their jobs looked for ways to replace – and even increase = their income. I interviewed many of those who started a “sideline” and succeeded.

This webinar is for everyone who desires to monetize their expertise and the opportunities surrounding them.

10 Benefits of Webinars

Help leaders learn faster and better for less cost.

Webinars and virtual workshops will remain in the new normal. Sure, most of us will go back to live in-person seminars. But it won’t be the same anymore.
That’s because most traditional multi-day training programs often do not show the desired results.

Science has shown us that focused tiny learning brings mighty results. Technology, when used properly, can help us design learning experiences that professionals need.

Webinars, virtual workshops, and online courses have benefits that are more valuable than traditional training. The pandemic highlighted the benefits of digital learning.

I have listed ten of these benefits.

1. Get High Impact Results

We focus on key priorities, and we provide snackable learning sessions so you will get the results you desire.

2. Access Anywhere.

Participants can join virtual workshops wherever they are. A webinar can be browser-based.

3. Experience Personalized Courses.

There is exclusivity in virtual workshops and webinars. The program content is tailor-fit to your needs.

4. Learn Effectively.

Our virtual workshops focus on output and outcome. We eliminate out-of-scope discussions. You can visit each lesson again and again. Snackable segments are recorded to ensure high-quality presentations.

5. Encourage Self-Learning.

I use flip and rapid learning and provide participants learning resources before and after the virtual workshops so they can learn on their own.

6. Promote Social Learning.

Participants share insights, stories, questions, and answers in discussion boards exclusively created for them. Social learning helps speed up learning and make it sticky.

7. Provide Flexible and Scalable Learning.

The virtual workshops and the resources provide participants opportunities to learn at their own pace. You and I can also increase our reach. Virtual workshops may accommodate 20, 40, or even a hundred people. Webinars may host 2000 participants.

8. Foster Emotional Connections.

Remote employees find it challenging to connect. Virtual workshops provide a “face-to-face” experience for members of teams.

9. Save Time and Money.

No travel time is required. No need to pay rent for venues. In between learning sessions, you can spend more attention on job time.

10. Reduce carbon footprint.

Virtual workshops allow you to help save the environment.

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What is a webinar?

A webinar is a virtual learning event, usually exclusive to participants who may join anywhere as long as they have internet connectivity. It is a webcast meant to teach participants new information or how to do something. 

Two decades ago, a webinar meant a seminar via the web. Lecturers deliver their talks via the internet. Learning via webinars was akin to watching a boring television show. Despite the cost-saving efforts of many schools and companies, very few people are passionate about enrolling in webinars.

A webinar is not a seminar. You don’t get the same learning experience because of differences in technology and pedagogy.

Kinds of Webinars

There are live webinars. Participants can join this kind of webinars on a specific day and time. You may get to watch a replay, but most live webinars don’t offer replay options. Live webinars are like FB and Youtube Live events. 

There are evergreen webinars that you can join anytime and as many times as you want. The event is pre-recorded. People pay to get access. To get free webinars, you pay with your name email address.

Many of the video tutorials on Youtube are like webinars. But video creators don’t call them webinars because of the stigma most people have with boring webinars: boring lecturers trying to discuss in two hours what they used to discuss in two days. 

There are webinars series. You get to join two or more webinars offered by the same provider or lecturer. An online summit is like a series of webinars.
Based on this, the webinar’s traditional definition as “seminar on the web” is obsolete.

Webinars During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies and associations used webinars to educate their employees and members. There was a time that my wife, a librarian, had to join more than five webinars in a week. Listening to the lecturers felt like drinking from a firehose.

Zoom, previously a software dedicated only to online meetings, has included webinar hosting as a product. Because they offer a free package for small groups, they are about to kill the business of traditional webinar software companies that offer expensive products. 

The webinar technology we have today is more advanced and a lot cheaper than two decades ago.

And webinars, as a teaching platform, will improve, and we will use more of this in the new normal.

Industrial Revolution 4.0

The Industrial Revolution changed the way companies conduct webinars. Nowadays, companies use gamification and engagement tools. 
A webinar does not have to be a boring internet lecture. It can be a well-designed learning experience. 

Other Uses of Webinars

Many content creators host webinars to market premium products. Companies sponsor webinars to push products and services. And consultants use webinars to highlight their expertise.

I know someone who regularly holds webinars to build a community of plantitos and plantitas. Many online communities thrive because of the exclusive learning experiences they get delivered via webinars.


Pick the best courses for leaders and amplify your organization’s learning.
In tough times, the training budget is the first to go. Leaders are anxious about the future, and traditional training is not always reliable. But the pandemic showed us opportunities often ignored: virtual learning.

Online learning brings immediate and better results for lesser costs. We design for your organization, no b.s., engaging, and relevant workplace learning from leadership to design thinking and customer experiences.

Bring your employees to a collaborative learning environment. Tap into your organization’s wisdom and accelerate your growth.

I offer webinars with certificates so you can show your organization that you are mindful of your professional development.

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Webinars must be interactive for you to learn greatly.

Learner-Centered Webinars

Most webinars are informative. You get a speaker who will explain a subject to you. It is like having lecturers at home.

The webinars we want must help us solve problems and find opportunities. We can have this kind of webinars if we begin with the learners. One way to ensure that webinars are focused, interactive, relevant, and engaging is by applying learning experience design.

Hold Strategy Session

15331673 a811 4945 a4eb b7bed243a0c6Your management and I will design the program to meet the needs of the organization and the participants. This is a guided session and may take from 15 to 30 minutes.

Set Up for Success

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Introduce to the participants the objectives of the virtual to provide them a roadmap and to set expectations. I will record a video presentation you can send to participants. They can send questions too.

Build Anticipation and Momentum

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I provide a preliminary learning session (via video or mini-course, whichever is available), online conversations, and exercises.

Most online learning programs fail because of information overload and limited participation of learners.

One way to get around this is to enable learners to participate in self-learning. Flip learning provides participants opportunities to learn even before the workshop. This method promotes deep learning.

Facilitate an Online Class

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We can hold a webinar, virtual workshop, or online coaching sessions combined with online discussions

I use zoom for virtual workshops and webinarjam for webinars.
The virtual workshops or webinars I lead are far from typical. Typical webinars make people listen for hours to acquire googlable knowledge. Doing this shows the poor design of the webinars as learning opportunities.

I divide each webinar or virtual workshop into learning segments of 15 to 25 minutes. In each segment, I zero in on specific challenges and solutions.
This helps the new “get-it-now”, “do-it-now” professionals. We help them get to solve problems and make needed changes.

Then, I provide participants to ask some questions before I provide short assessments. This setup ensures that participants pay attention to the lessons.

Hold Follow-through Activities

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Followthrough makes breakthroughs. After the webinar or virtual workshop, we keep the learners engaged

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