Because of webinars, we can provide just-in-time training to leaders. Before the pandemic, companies conducted most training programs in person. Leadership training was usually a one-day or two-day event because that’s how it was always done.

We seldom conduct short sessions because preparations for traditional training are time-consuming, expensive, and logistically challenging.

We have seen that webinars can be excellent alternatives to traditional training. We can introduce new tools and coach leaders on skills anytime and anywhere. Webinars are easier to organize and cost-effective.

To help ordinary leaders create extraordinary results, give them focused, intensive, relevant, and engaging training programs when needed.

On-Demand Webinars

An on-demand webinar is a pre-recorded webinar at any time. Those who finish our on-demand webinars must pass an evaluation to get certificates. We want to ensure that you will learn from these programs.

Live Webinars

Live webinars occur in real time. The main advantage of a live webinar is that it is interactive, and participants can work on exercises at the same time. You can bring these live webinars to your company.

Virtual Workshops

Virtual workshops are highly interactive corporate learning events. We hold virtual workshops for activities requiring participants to present learning exercises’ outputs. Typically, a virtual workshop focus on a single process or skill.

Upgrade Your Skills

Participate in success webinars to gain new perspectives, practical skills, and proven strategies to find a great job, be more productive, relieve stress, get promoted, and build leadership. These webinars are for Filipino professionals eager to learn anywhere and anytime.

What is a webinar?

A webinar is a word blend or portmanteau of the words web and seminar. It is a virtual learning event attended by online audiences from anywhere in the world. Though webinars become popular during the quarantine, it is not new. Companies have used webinars for technical, soft skills, and leadership training. The increase in webinar platforms also makes it cheaper than live training programs.

Webinars will stay and become an essential learning platform in the new normal. Live in-person training will continue, of course. Just like Netflix did not replace public TV.  Webinars are for those professionals who want to learn more and better, anytime and anywhere, for less cost.  

Is It An Online Seminar?

Yes, a webinar is an online seminar. However, a webinar is not meant to be delivered for eight hours, the usual duration of in-person seminars.

This is a common mistake and must be corrected.

Unlike in-person seminars, there is less interaction in webinars. We can only watch and listen to the speakers. We cannot make questions at once. We cannot talk to the other participants of the webinars.

Because of slow internet connection, most cameras are turned off, and are phones are on mute.

Of course, we can make a webinar interactive. We can use whiteboards, quizzes, polls, and some games. But we cannot consider it as a seminar done online.

I may consider it a short online learning session. The best webinars should run from 60 to 120 minutes. Beyond two hours and the webinar becomes very tiring.

Of course, we can say that there are many boring seminars. But we do not need boring seminars. We need lively and productive webinars. And it is best if we do it in two hours or less.

10 Benefits of Webinars

Help leaders learn faster and better for less cost.

Webinars and virtual workshops will remain the new normal. Sure, most of us will go back to live in-person seminars. But it won’t be the same anymore.
That’s because most traditional multi-day training programs often do not show the desired results.

Science has shown us that focused tiny learning brings mighty results. Technology, when used properly, can help us design the learning experiences that professionals need.

Webinars, virtual workshops, and online courses have benefits that are more valuable than traditional training. The pandemic highlighted the benefits of digital learning.

I have listed ten of these benefits.

1. Get High Impact Results

We focus on key priorities and provide snackable learning sessions so you will get the desired results.

2. Access Anywhere.

Participants can join virtual workshops wherever they are. A webinar can be browser-based.

3. Experience Personalized Courses.

There is exclusivity in virtual workshops and webinars. The program content is tailor-fit to your needs.

4. Learn Effectively.

Our virtual workshops focus on output and outcome. We eliminate out-of-scope discussions. You can visit each lesson again and again. Snackable segments are recorded to ensure high-quality presentations.

5. Encourage Self-Learning.

I use flip and rapid learning and provide participants with learning resources before and after the virtual workshops so they can learn independently.

6. Promote Social Learning.

Participants share insights, stories, questions, and answers in discussion boards exclusively created for them. Social learning helps speed up learning and makes it sticky.

7. Provide Flexible and Scalable Learning.

The virtual workshops and the resources provide participants with opportunities to learn at their own pace. You and I can also increase our reach. Virtual workshops may accommodate 20, 40, or even a hundred people. Webinars may host 2000 participants.

8. Foster Emotional Connections.

Remote employees find it challenging to connect. Virtual workshops provide a “face-to-face” experience for members of teams.

9. Save Time and Money.

No travel time is required. No need to pay rent for venues. In between learning sessions, you can spend more attention on job time.

10. Reduce carbon footprint.

Virtual workshops allow you to help save the environment.

Examples of Webinars

You can find examples of webinars on Youtube. Many of these webinars are educational. Those looking for free webinars will find the following examples very useful.

Give Your Money A Job to Do. This webinar can help you set your money goals.

Personal Growth Webinar by Rowena Diaz. She will help you achieve your personal development goals.

How to Step into Active Personal Growth. Technically, this is a video of a seminar. It has an excellent message. However, note that there are no pre-recorded webinars. You can record your speech with all the gestures and facial expressions.

The Second Brain of Tiago Forte. Talks at Google are typically delivered in person. Google invite thought leaders and authors.


A webinar is a virtual learning event, usually exclusive to participants who may join anywhere as long as they have internet connectivity. It is a webcast meant to teach participants new information or how to do something. 

Two decades ago, a webinar meant a seminar via the web. Lecturers deliver their talks via the internet. Learning via webinars was akin to watching a boring television show. Despite the cost-saving efforts of many schools and companies, very few people are passionate about enrolling in webinars.

A webinar is not a seminar. You don’t get the same learning experience because of differences in technology and pedagogy.

There are live webinars. Participants can join this kind of webinar on a specific day and time. You may get to watch a replay, but most live webinars don’t offer replay options. Live webinars are like FB and Youtube Live events. 

There are evergreen webinars you can join anytime and as often as you want. The event is pre-recorded. People pay to get access. To get free webinars, you pay with your name and email address.

Many of the video tutorials on Youtube are like webinars. But video creators don’t call them webinars because of the stigma most people have with boring webinars: boring lecturers trying to discuss in two hours what they used to discuss in two days. 

There are webinars series. You get to join two or more webinars offered by the same provider or lecturer. An online summit is like a series of webinars.
Based on this, the webinar’s traditional definition as “seminar on the web” is obsolete.

Many content creators host webinars to market premium products. Companies sponsor webinars to push products and services. And consultants use webinars to highlight their expertise.

I know someone who regularly holds webinars to build a community of plantitos and plantitas. Many online communities thrive because of the exclusive learning experiences they get delivered via webinars.


Pick the best courses for leaders and amplify your organization’s learning.
In tough times, the training budget is the first to go. Leaders are anxious about the future, and traditional training is not always reliable. But the pandemic showed us opportunities often ignored: virtual learning.

Online learning brings immediate and better results for lesser costs. We design for your organization, no b.s., engaging, and relevant workplace learning from leadership to design thinking and customer experiences.

Bring your employees to a collaborative learning environment. Tap into your organization’s wisdom and accelerate your growth.

I offer webinars with certificates so you can show your organization that you are mindful of your professional development.

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