Leni Robredo is a relentless leader – unyielding, unbending, determined, never-ceasing, and persistent. Leni has been helping us Filipinos navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic. She has been at the forefront of helping the poorest of the poor. Not even the President, his minions, and diehard followers can get in her way.

Online trolls get paid by attacking her. Duterte suck-ups malign her to get juice posts in government.

She has been called lugaw, stupid, and moron by those who failed to show even a fraction of her education, dedication and achievements.

She has been the target of fake news and vicious attacks from those known to be corrupt and dense. One government official, a perennial loser in elections, had the temerity to call her non-essential in governance.

She is not a member of the cabinet. Her initial appointment was a demonstration of disrespect to her position. But she accepted it with grace. For her, the manner of appointment is less important than having the opportunity to serve the people. Because she has proven to be effective in her role, she was dismissed. She was appointed as co-chair to anti-drug body with the intention to demonstrate that she’s not capable. But when she started to come up with solid plans, she was dismissed.

The government cut her budget. One time, Mocha Uson’s budget in PCCO was three times bigger than the OVP.

But the private sector has been supportive of her projects. People chose to donate money and time to her office more than anywhere else. They believe in Leni’s relentless leadership.

Truly, credibility is the foundation of leadership. And Leni, the relentless leader, is trusted by thinking Filipinos who care for the country.

For a decade, those who have been reading me know that I am never a fan of politicians though I have some politician friends. I am not the kind of person who will praise a politician.

Leni is a politician. But not the traditional kind. She and Vico Sotto are the kind of politicians we need in the Philippines today.

We have been in crisis since 2016. We need relentless leaders in the new normal. I hope you can help educate our people.

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