Public Speaking for Leaders

Public Speaking for Leaders is an online class that helps Filipino leaders learn how to deliver persuasive speeches and high-impact presentations.

It is relatively easy to describe a leader. It is changing the world, the ultimate aim of a leader, that is challenging. Public Speaking for Leaders will address that challenge.

The online class doesn’t just tell you what to do, it shows you why you have to do it and it will equip you to speak to change lives – to make a better world.

When you join Public Speaking for Leaders, you will pick up lessons from the experiences of the speakers, from group exercises, and extensive and incisive masterclass sessions. I made a shorter list of a few of the great benefits you can get from the public speaking workshop for change leaders:

What You’ll Get From Public Speaking for Leaders

  • Discover how to design and deliver speeches that achieve the result you want.
  • Enrich your the power to express feelings and emotions appropriately by using all means of expression — words, voice, body, face — to deliver one congruent message.
  • Acquire the ability to be completely in the moment and flexible enough to handle the unexpected.
  • Conquer fear, distraction, and pressure in your daily speaking performance.
  • Build relationships with others through empathy, listening, and authentic connection
  • Pitch your offer – and make your pitch irresistible.

To speak successfully, you have to understand that it’s not about information. Public speaking is about giving them a jolting power surge to their emotional electricity. You will be very interested to know how to do this. Delivering a presentation well is a useful skill, and one that can be learnt surprisingly easily, but what really matter is another skill — a skill that when developed, you will not overthink presentation again.

  • Grasp why excellent speakers set aside time for excellent preparations — and how you can spend generous time for thinking.
  • Appreciate how irresistible speakers behave and that which sets them apart from conventional, mediocre, and panic-stricken speakers.
  • Deliver a message that is significant, striking, and sticky.
  • Confidence is the key. If they do not have confidence in you, they certainly won’t have confidence in your ideas, in your stories, and in your solutions. But how do you become confident? It is simple.
  • Enjoy the art of rehearsal — and honor yourself that you will not leave it till the night before.
  • Irresistible Public Speaking transfers enthusiasm and power. Embracing this psychology in your performance will multiply your results ten-fold, a hundred-fold.
  • Many speakers begin at the introductory sentences when they prepare — but where do great speakers really begin? You can find out here.
  • Become more perceptive that your audience is not in the room with you for you — they are there because they are worried about something. When you know that — you will truly become a success as a speaker.
  • The Starving Crowd Code – When observed in crafting your speech, will show you why the audience will be hanging on to your every word.
  • Many speaking coaches will teach you how to get a rousing round of applause when you’re done — and you can have that too — however, the irresistible speaker looks for something else which is more important. Learn how irresistible speakers do away with their presentation software and they make every speech exciting, inspiring, and fully engaging.
  • Tell a winning story — and avoid the common mistakes of most boring lecturers and presenters.
  • Whoever tells the best story wins — and what you can do the next time you tell your stories.
  • How to make your audience laugh although you do not have a sense of humor.
  • One tool that can help you make you fall in love with your audience before they fall in love with you.
  • What Aristotle know about effective conversation — and how you can use his knowledge.
  • How to structure your materials so that your audience will not leave their seats and ignore the overflowing coffee. You know that the overflowing coffee is the best offer of a boring speaker. Your audience will forget about coffee!
  • Leverage interaction with your audience.
  • How to make your numbers speak to create emotional and visual impact.
  • Why professional speakers practice and rehearse like olympic champions and how you can improve your performance by rehearsing like a pro!
  • Perform under fire and make every Q&A the best opportunity to educate and empower your audience.
  • Use props properly– and find materials that will help your audience visualize your stories.
  • Every speaker has unique voice that help them standout. I will show you how find your unique voice.
  • Bring out your charisma, or the courage to be different.

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