You know that people learn best by doing.

And most training programs conducted by managers do not work because they usuall resort to data dumping. The usual excuse is that managers are not “trainers” and therefore have no other choice but to leave training to HR, the training department, or God-sent trainers from outside.

Let’s say goodbye to excuses. Enabling your people is a competence that every manager must master. One of the more effective ways of enabling people is by classroom training.

But not just any kind of classroom training. You can make your learning faster and better by making your classroom training important.

And Jef Menguin, yours truly, can help you.

  • You will incorporate active learning into your training efforts. In this workshop, I will show you a number of ways (there are a thousand more ways, which because of time limit, we can explore all) you can apply.
  • For example, in this workshop I will teach you a number of ways to open your training programs. You can make your opening very interesting and relevant. You do not want your participants to believe that you are bringing them to another boring classroom training.
  • You will learn how to obtain participation. I know some speakers will make you tap the shoulder of the person next to you. That’s not the kind of participation that you will learn. By participation, I mean engagement and you will learn many ways to engage your adult learners.
  • You can teach information without lecturing. Frankly, lecture is okay if you have a very limited time and you are teaching simple instructions. But why not make your information digestable and sticky at at the same time? You can teach simple and complicated information by allowing people to do learn by themselves. I will make you experience this in this workshop.
  • You will also learn how to sequence learning activities to achieve an effective mix and flow. You can design on the fly when you know your audience and what they need. You can be both creative and logical in designing your programs.
  • And most importantly, you will learn in this workshop how to end your program on a high note. Every closing of your program will logically lead your participants to the next step – application of learning.

That’s not all, of course.

  •  In addition, you will learn how to incorporate more activity, variety, and direction into your training efforts—from the beginning of a program to its conclusion.

Learning by Doing is good suitable for managers who do not have previous background in training. It is also good for beginning and experienced instructors.

I will give you several case examples of the techniques presented. You will also have many opportunities  to apply these techniques to the subject matter you teach.

I suggest you bring some of the materials you use for training your people. You can use them during the training program.

How to bring this to your organization?

As you know, I customize training programs.  This training design is for one-day workshop and I incorporate the minimum “learning requirements”. For organizations where managers are expected to conduct a lot of training programs, a customize three-day program can help your managers “master” the approach.

About The Author

I'm Jef Menguin. In 2007, I discovered something powerful: when we learn playfully, we understand what truly matters.

To me, leadership isn't about being the boss. It's about bringing change, growth, and fresh thinking. That's why I encourage others to think beyond their usual limits and imagine new ways to lead.

I share these ideas as a speaker and trainer. From CEOs to new professionals in the Philippines and elsewhere, I challenge them to think differently. I want people to dive into learning experiences that are deep, fresh, and meaningful.

I believe in creating learning moments that change us. Moments that help teams grow strong, think creatively, and serve customers better.

For me, every day is an opportunity. An opportunity to redefine, to reimagine, and to inspire.

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