Are you willing to pay the price of changing the world?

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If you were to change the world, would you be willing to live in that world? Would still push for it if you were the follower and not the leader?

My mentor Vic told me that I should not deliver a speech or offer a seminar which I would not be willing to pay as a customer. Customer’s should pay only a portion of all the value and benefits of my product.

I do not know what you are selling. It could be education. Or an innovative product. An insurance of happy retirement. Or a new way of promoting peace and order in your community. Whatever change you want to happen, answer this question: would you pay the price?

Now, only you know the true worth of your product. Would you be willing to sell it to your love ones? Would you be proud to offer it to your sons and daughters? Would you put your signature into it? Would you be willing to be the least to benefit from it?

If you are willing to pay the price for change, people will follow you.

Pay the price.

– Jef Menguin


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