Leaders seek personal development

Leadership and Personal Development

Good leaders are very passionate about personal development. Therefore, there must be something about personal development that these leaders know.

Here’s why: Leaders pursue personal development to become effective.

Effective leaders do not pursue personal development because they are effective leaders. Instead, they are effective leaders because they pursue personal development.

And why is this important?

This means that you and I do not have to be extra-ordinary to design our destiny.

An ordinary person like me can pursue personal development. And because he pursues it, he will grow better and better each day. One day he will become a new person.


This is true for an average guy like me. This is true for you.

You can become a better person — a better leader — by making one tiny step each day. You can start anytime. You can start next month or next week. You can start today. The choice is yours.

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